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problems since 4.2 update

anyone else having trouble with bluetooth connection or left dash panel not showing energy graph since 4.2 update?

Sure, and a little splash of water in the face keeps you awake when you start driving.

The windshield wiper doing a swipe every time the car is started is not a good thing when you are in a dry climate with dust on your windshield.

AlexK - then just turn the windshield wiper off of Auto if you are in a dry climate. Easy peasy.

@jjaeger | FEBRUARY 1, 2013: then just turn the windshield wiper off of Auto if you are in a dry climate.

Yes, that's what I do when in AZ. But for a setting that is suppose to be "automatic", I sure have to do allot of manual controlling of it. My other cars have auto windshield wipers and they do not decide to do a jig each time they are turned on.

My cabin temperature setting/heating isn't working since the update. I thought at first that the temp display on the top left corner of the screen was wrong, but no matter how I change the cabin temp selection, I get no heat. Brrr.The outside temp is displayed. Anyone else have this problem?

AlexK, my Seville had the same behavior (one swipe at start-up), so I was not overly surprised when the S did its thing. Now with the Cadi, I was always in the car when it was 'started', so did not have to dodge the potential spray. Assuming Tesla wants to keep the behavior, am sure that they could tweak it so the driver seat needs to be occupied. I kept the car in automatic mode all winter long, and turned it to Off during the summer months (where it never rains here in the bay area).

I received my Model S on Monday, January 21 and loved it for the week! That weekend, I got the message to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 which I did. I am only charging at work as do not have a 220/40 at home yet. So on the following Monday, I go to plug in the car at work and the circle of light goes from blue to green to flashing green and then 10 seconds later, solid red. On the mobile charging cable itself, I got two flashing red lights. Without going into all the trouble shooting details that was tried, my car is currently sitting in the Tesla service center waiting for a new charger as this is what they think is the problem. I noted the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 above because that is the only thing that changed during the week I had the car. But I also know I charged the car at work once or twice after the software update before that Monday morning fail. Needless to say I am very bummed as I am without my car and was told the charger is on back order. Has anyone else had a charger fail? Could 4.2 be the problem?

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