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Problems with Car

Took delivery 12/18. Worked great for 5 days. Then, lots of problems. Realized the paint on the hood is scratched and has blemishes (looks terrible). My NAV doesn't work (it shows Palo Alto and I live in Chicago). The chrome door pieces for front and rear driver doors were put on incorrectly and need to be reordered. And, this week the front door handle stopped working. I now need to roll down all the windows and open this car from the inside door handle! Tesla seems overwhelmed and unable to cope with all of these issues (I read on another side that others are having paint problems)

I am so frustrated with all of these problems. Had I known about this before I made a final order I never would've purchased this car. I wish I could take this car back to them now. Be forewarned.

Have you been to the service center to get these items fixed?

Had a Ranger out to order new chrome trim pieces. Now waiting for 3 days on the door handle. They told me they'd come out to fix it when the pieces arrive. Not sure what they're going to do about the blown paint job.

@Rodloew - someone else had their car scratched by the delivery, and Tesla had it taken to a local paint shop that they approved off and instructed. I would imagine the same would happen for your car.

The Lemon Law Applies to Tesla Too! If they can't fix it, they will have to buy it back. I have a feeling that you need to develop a relationship with someone in service. IMO - Frequent drives on curvy roads will ease your buyer's remorse.

Call the service center on Grand in Chicago 312-733-9780 and tell them you want a loaner and will leave your car until it is fixed. Dirk the service manager is out on vacation until 1/21 so ask for Chris. They have been very helpful. I live in the Chicago area and am waiting for a bluetooth module to arrive from the factory. My mic does not work. It has been three weeks but I do love the car and knew being an early adopter there would be some issues. Take a deep breath and give them a chence they will make it right.They are expecting a number of parts to be delivered this week.

@lholtzman - thank you for the suggestion. I have been in touch with Chris about the door handles, but no one seems too concerned to address my paint issues. Just wondering how this car will do over the next year, not just next 5 years, given all the initial quality problems. Paint seems like a simple thing to control.

@Rodloes -Wow that is really unfortunate. Would you mind taking a picture of the paint issue and posting it so we can see if this is a problem shared by other owners.

The Lemon Laws are different for each state. Tesla provides them with the final MVPA. Don't make any assumptions until you read the one applicable to your state.

The only major problem with my MS Perf is that the sunroof is inoperative. When I try to open it, I hear and see it start to move (only a few mm), then it reverses and stops. It behaves as though there is a mechanical obstruction. I am going to leave it alone until early spring, and have the Rangers fix it at the same time that they come out to install my CF Spoiler. I don't want to get the roof 'stuck open' in these Minnesota winter temps.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?


If you hit the button a second time, will it open? There is a known issue where the sunroof opens slightly to vent on the first tap (or drag), and requires two taps to open properly. This is apparently fixed in the 4.2 software.

You know I understand everyone wanting everything perfect on our new six figure cars, but cut Tesla some slack. They have just created the most technologically advanced car in the world and the are taking care of everyone's needs as best they can.
There are just too many people crying.
so come on lets get some tissues and grow up a bit.
And for the record the passenger door on my car doesnt open from the outside more often than it does open.
But the car is just too awesome to whine about little problems that will be taken care of.

Considering that around 3000 Model S cars have been delivered at this point, if everyone was having problems with their cars at delivery, wouldn't the forums reflect that?

Might be interesting to get a survey put up - asking how many small and how many major problems were present at delivery.

I would like to see the pictures of the blown paint also.....

The car is awesome. i have one small defect -- there is condensation behind one of the reflectors on the back end. regrets none... i love to drove now, look forward to it each morning and evening. When I think about what they did, the quality of the drive train and the ride itself, i know this is the future of cars. its that good... they will fix my reflector in due time. And I am sure all of the defects that are out there. most of all the drive train is everything and more than expected.
if MB or BMW was putting out these defects on delivery folks would and should be unhappy, but this is a game changing product with a superior drive train. The other defects will be and should be fixed in time. Just keep it all in perspective, this company along with the early adopters are changing the game. I now think its probably that when my grand kids are buying a car, more than half will be electric. its that good.

Yes, it seems likely that the vast majority are (serious) problem-free. But those wheels aren't squeaking!

our was delivered 12/21
4 weeks, 1300+ miles
no issues, beautiful car
attracts lots of attention wherever we go
fun to drive, very practical

factory pick-up 12/23
4 weeks, 1000+ miles
no issues, amazing car
still in the mode of taking it out whenever I can

jj and jm, that only works out to 13K to 17K miles/annum. You'll have to double up on that to show your enthusiasm!

@noel.smyth....I have the same condensation issue. What was their response to you when you inquired about it?

Brian - am planning my first road trip (Bay Area to Scottsdale in early March) for spring training activities. Will be a 2000 mile week w/ local travel while we're there. Will up my average a fair bit with that completed.

Well, you'll need a few more of those throughout the year. Plan ahead! ;p ;)

To answer the question above, there is a poll on "your total delivery experience" at the Tesla motors club delivery thread posted by Joe Fee .... I'm dictating this post to Siri, maybe somebody could put the link in this thread, thanks!

Here is the delivery poll link

Poll Results as of 1/21/13: Delivery Experience Poll Voters 89.

I'm actually in Phoenix, but only 5 minutes from Scottsdale. There is a thread on TMC just for the Phoenix/Tuscon following. Friendly group here, many of whom I suspect (including me) can provide an overnight charge.

AnthonyH - thanks for the offer. Was looking through the Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor thread on TMC this evening (still have pages to go) - for info on local area. Was wondering how the folks at the local Tesla store would react to a drive by charge as well - think they'd be Ok with that? Have mapped local chargers around our Old Town hotel, and actually seems to be a fair # within an easy walk. BTW, do you have a different handle on TMC?

(off topic)
@jjaeger, I'm "monsoon" over on TMC.
The local Tesla store is in Fashion Square (very nice Scottsdale high-end mall), but I don't think you can recharge there yet.
My direct email address is "" and there are a few other fan-boys in the area who will be happy to help.

You can charge at the Scottsdale Fashion Square location. You will need to walk into the Tesla Store, and barrow the adapter first.

@Hogfighter - the condensation in the one reflector is listed on my due bill list. I have been in contact with the service manager about it and he will take care of it as soon as i find the time to bring it in.
the car has been awesome since I got it, love to drive it, love to learn more about it daily and I got 4.2 installed this morning with no issues.

excellent thread. I'm car 2932 and love it. Model S Performance.

Notably to others in the thread:

Sunroof - yes I have the tap v. double tap issue hoping v. 4.2 fixes it.

Rear reflectors - condensation appears under reflector.

I know this is a brand new world - confident Tesla will make good - and patient to wait until they work the kinks out. I have not even made my issues known as I know others have and once a solution emerges, I'm sure I'll get it fixed.

I enjoy the fact that I am driving the future while others have no idea.

Please do report them to Tesla. They need to know about them, and what cars are affected by them. If they find that certain errors crop up in a specific batch, then they know where to focus their attention to prevent them in the future.

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