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Q: Does CHP write tickets for not displaying carpool sticker? A: **** YES

Just got my carpool sticker on Friday. Put them in car, hadn't made time to put them on car.

Got stopped today. Showed him stickers, etc...

The $&*#@(*%&% chippy still wrote me a ticket. All the other drivers that are not legit in the carpool lane and he writes someone up that has the right to be there...I should not get started again...I get absolutely pissed the more I think on it.

So those that want to believe you won't get a ticket...go ahead. I'm here to prove that they WILL write it up, even if you have it and show it to them.

Consider yourself warned.

Thanks. Sorry to hear about your experience.

Will take mine off the windows and put them where they belong. (Sigh)

You could try fighting the ticket if its a big amount.

Yes, sorry to hear about it - from their point of view, I'm sure they run into people that think the stickers are "portable" and can be moved from car to car. So, no leniency.

I'm still waiting for my stickers - its been 3 months. Just sent the DMV a letter asking why they are taking so long!

Amazing that you got caught - I didn't think the CHP checked the carpool lane that much - what city do you live in?

Here is the email I just sent to my assemblyman and lt. governor. Perhaps if enough of us did so, we would see some progress:

Of all the problems in California that need solving this is admittedly a small one, but . . .
I just bought a Tesla Model S, an all electric car made in California. It is both beautiful and eligible for the car pool lane. The problem--I will need to attach 2 ugly stickers to the car in order to qualify. Can't we create a new specialized California license plate for electric vehicles that the CHP could easily recognize. You would make more money for the state by charging special license plate fees and you would help preserve the beauty of my green American made car.

Put the stickers on, go to court and stop whining. This was explicitly explained in the information that was given to you. You are making an officers job that much harder w/o it. A cop is more likely to be killed during a traffic stop than in any other situation.

Btw this is only a temporary program. License plates are useless in these situations.

What about red ones?

@shop That's odd. I got my VIN March 18, car March 28, license plates end of April, and HOV stickers by May 23. Three months definitely sounds like too long.

LK +1

This goes for the front license plates as well. I have never heard more whining about complying with the law than in this forum.

I placed only the small sticker on my rear bumper. I did not install the larger stickers which go on the side bumpers. I'm crossing my fingers this will keep me from getting a ticket.


"Yes, sorry to hear about it - from their point of view, I'm sure they run into people that think the stickers are "portable" and can be moved from car to car."

Well, the number on the sticker matches the number on the car registration which was included with the sticker and supersedes the previous registration.

LK and David59: I posted this for everyone else's benefit. I admit a took a bullet that was of my own carelessness by not putting on the stickers I received in the mail YESTERDAY. I wanted to at least advise others, that in my case there was no tolerance.

If the whining is too much for you, you can always opt not to read. Neither of you had to go there.

CHP and any law enforcement officer is legally required to write you a ticket. It is in the language of the bill that created the car pool sticker program. I am aware of people who have been stopped and officer has let them off with verbal warning.

This morning on Northbound 101, I was in the car-pool lane and my stickers saved my a$$. CHP officer was in the next lane (which was surprising as they are often in the shoulder to catch car-pool violators but this one was moving along with the slower traffic with his eyes on people passing by him the car-pool lane). As soon as was I right next to him, we made eye contact, he saw I was alone, turned on his lights to get behind me and then he saw my stickers and turned off the lights and stayed in his lane.

I was happy I put the sticker!

Thanks for the heads up. What city do you live in? I'm in LA and have been "abusing" the carpool lane regularly for two weeks since I got my car (without plates or stickers). Maybe I should think twice before "cheating".

I had clear film installed on my bumper to put the ugly stickers on. If they cancel the program, I can just pull the film off.


What exactly is the ticket for: "not displaying the decals" or "illegally driving in the HOV lane". If the latter, then you can fight it; otherwise no point.

BTW, I believe I read in another thread that the law only specifies that the decals have too be displayed; it does not specify where. If correct, the DMV instructions for where to display the decals are not the law; it is their recommendation.

As I use HOV lanes maybe only ~1 per month, I simply scotch tape the small decal on the inside of the triangular window at the back for the day; and then remove it. I may be taking a chance, but I would rather do this given the low freq. that I use the HOV lanes.


So you made *eye contact*. It's all in the eye contact. Ignore the CHP and try to exude self confidence. Works every time. ;-)

I drive the 405 from Redondo Beach to Lake Forest.

I was busted in Seal Beach going south just after the 22 split.

Whining about people whining on an internet forum is worse. The OP provided useful information for those of us who like to, uh, live on the edge (when it comes to putting stickers on our cars). Thanks for posting, bt, please keep us updated if you fight it. Would also want to know where it happened and as a poster above said, what the exact infraction was.

I have just the small sticker in the right rear triangle window and haven't driven by a cop in the carpool lane yet. I wonder if he would have let you go if you had it *somewhere* on your car. I met a CHP officer who said he would give a verbal warning if he pulled me over and I had it in the window.

Buy some 3M Clear Bra material on Ebay or Amazon. You only need a foot. Put the stickers on the 3M material. Cut it out and then stick it on your car. Once it expires use a hair dryer over the sticker and it will peel off nicely.


Vehicle Code 21655.9(b) - Failure t display access okay stickers #______ on vehicle while solo in HOV lane

First update: stickers are in the car, in the black plastic below the paint. Do some searching on the forums and you can see examples.

I should have taken the 5 minutes the morning...oh we'll...

Still deciding on fighting or taking traffic school. I may want to save traffic school for the speeding ticket in my future...


Sorry you received a ticket, but thanks for posting the warning.


I know the white decals are kinda ugly, but if too many Model S owners ignore CA law and drive in HOV lanes without them, our beloved vehicles may soon get a very bad "reputation," meaning we will all get way too much unwanted attention from CHP and others in law enforcement. The same could be said for front license plates.

Here's an excerpt from the relevant section of the CA Vehicle Code regarding HOV decals (stickers).

"... the Department of the California Highway Patrol and the department, in consultation with the Department of Transportation, shall design and specify the placement of the decal, label, or other identifier on the vehicle. Each decal, label, or other identifier issued for a vehicle shall display a unique number, and that number shall be printed on, or affixed to, the vehicle registration."

The DMV makes it abundantly clear where they want the stickers to be installed. I think you're taking a risk by using a temporary mount inside the rear window. It could annoy a CHP officer even more, since now he or she has to pull you over to see if you're cheating by moving a sticker from vehicle to vehicle. With a permanent mount, cheating is much less likely.

Like others, I had clear 3M Scotchguard Paint Protection Film professionally installed over the entire rear bumper, so I'll be able to remove all the stickers cleanly some day when (if) they ever expire. Now, if you don't cover the entire bumper with film, but only part, it's possible that the paint under the film won't fade quite the same as the paint exposed to the elements, and you could end up with a rather blotchy buggy bumper.

Here's the infraction:

A person shall not drive a vehicle described in subdivision (a) of Section 5205.5 with a single occupant upon a high-occupancy vehicle lane pursuant to this section unless the decal, label, or other identifier issued pursuant to Section 5205.5 is properly displayed on the vehicle, and the vehicle registration described in Section 5205.5 is with the vehicle.

I wonder if this is the same ticket they would give if you were driving an ICE by yourself in the lane. One option is to do a trial by written declaration, and then if you lose that, to request traffic school.

+1 LK too,

I really can't think of a reason why not to put the sticker on when you're going to use the carpool lane alone, the CHP is doing his job so there is absolutely no reason to get pissed and calling names here.

Anyone know if they'll still ticket if the id card doesn't match? When I got a new license plate, I sent in the form again to request an updated ID card. The paperwork seems very clear that an updated ID card does not require the $8 fee, only the issuing of stickers (new or replacement) requires the fee.

My form was returned by the DMV with a note that I failed to include the $8 fee. I was tempted to highlight the form where it indicates the fee is only required for new or replacement stickers and send it back it but instead stuck the rejected paperwork in the car (in case I get pulled over).

+1 @tomcohen

I put the stickers on the lowest part of the rear bumper just behind the rear wheels. It doesn't look bad--sort of a badge of honor to be driving a zero emissions vehicle. When I get on the freeway I immediately head for the HOV lane! The state legislature is working on an extension on the program to 2018 or 2020. I do not expect to ever take the stickers off. Of course it helps that our model S is silver!

I think we all need to chill a bit. It's a privilege to be driving in carpool lanes for free. Complaining about the stickers ( I used to be one myself ) has begun to seem a bit too much, and I am only speaking for myself. I sucked it up and put the decals on today. I will get used to them. After all, driving the most wonderful car on earth in the carpool lane. It's really a fantastic time to be an EV owner. Think about what happens a few years from now, if EVs become so numerous ( and you know they will ) that this privilege is revoked.

I'm lucky enough (supremely lucky?) to have a 5 minute commute to work (walking), so I didn't get the stickers. When I do drive in traffic and need the carpool lane, my wife is usually with me. Bog forbid I have to commute south to PA or Mountain View - I'll be signing up right quick and placing the minimum # of stickers I can in the least car-harming spots that are legal. I hate commuting more than Faux News, if that is even possible.


I don't care if you whine or not. But the chp is not to blame. I read these posts to learn and understand.

The hov access is a privilege, not an entitlement.

I was not being condescending with my post, but my words were misconstrued. This is tesla forum, not a people bashing forum. Please use some decorum.

If a person went to the store and placed something in a basket and forgot to pay for it. What do you think would happen?

Regardless of the persons intentions of paying for it, the outcome is the same.

I can't legally advise you on what to do now. But, I will wait to see about what your outcome is going to be. I hope you keep us apprised of your results!

I think of the HOV stickers as yet another advertisement for the Tesla. A lot of people don't realize that this great looking car is zero emissions and can travel in the HOV lanes. The stickers themselves get a lot of looks from people.

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