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Removing warning labels on visors

I was wondering if anyone had removed, or tried removing the warning stickers on the underside of the front visors.

Don't try it!!!!

I tried it on my old car and I was encouraged when I partially peeled the corner off cleanly. I continued, and the rest did not go so well. A lot of the adhesive stayed behind, and there were also parts where the pulling stretched the liner and it parts of it were loose and seperated from the visor.

If you read about it online, you'll find out that this adhesives used for these labels are activated with heat, so they are pretty well stuck on to the visor. I have seen some advice that says you may be able to peel the label off using a heat gun, but this is risky because the heat may also cause the liner to seperate from the visor.

Also, examining the warning labels on the Model S, they look like they are adhered even more closely/tightly to the liner, almost like they're printed on. The labels show the dimpled texture of the liner fabric. On my old car, this was not the case.

Basically, I would not try it, but I feel your pain. I really hate those stupid labels. I don't need to see them every day for the rest of my life. I know what airbags are and what they do. I don't need this permanent label there uglifying my cars.

Overlay with little pin-ups?

It has been decreed we ignorant consumers must see those labels so see those labels we shall.

@Brian H, you actually can by decals specifically to cover up the warning labels, but they're generally just as ugly and prominent. Some have graphics like flowers or flaming skulls or whatever, and there's other plain ones, but unless you're interior is exactly black, good luck trying to match the color and texture of the liner.

I haven't studied the S visor but on several of my cars I have been able to simply swap the right and left visor. This leaves the cursed attorneys sandwiched between the roof and visor unless they are down.

I was thinking more semi-nakedly ...

When lighted visors are available - won't they be a replacement for the current unlighted ones?

On my last car (Chrysler 300C SRT) I was able to get decals with just the SRT logo. Would be nice to get a decal with the "T" on it. It can be done with a little class.

This is extremely easy, I just got finished doing it. Take some isopropyl alcohol(91%) and damp a rag. Place that rag against the visor where the sticker is and hold it for 30 seconds. If you have a high quality rag then you can rub it a little bit as well.

Then the alcohol should start to loosen up the glue and it will start peeling away. With each application you should be able to remove about a quarter of the sticker. Took a few minutes, and now it's all gone.

@marek.koenig - They must be using an alcohol based solvent in their adhesive. Cool. I might have to try that.

@marek.koenig - how clean is the resulting surface of the visor -- does all the glue come off with no residue? is there any discoloration between the outer border and the part that had the sticker? thanks

It came off perfectly clean, I can provide you with a picture if you want. Just don't have one with me.

no need for a pic -- your description is great; thanks

Dang. Now you made me look like a crazy old codger yelling to passersby.

I would like to see a picture, if you please.

@marek.koenig - Do you have the alcantara or standard fabric headliner material on your visors?

@KirkP - Ooh, good point. It might not come off as cleanly on the fabric...

Geez, folks, I don't know....

It's kinda like removing the tags on pillows. VERY dangerous....

I have the standard stuff, driving a 40. Here is a picture:

Just try not to scrub, that may spread the color onto the fabric. Just press the damp cloth against the sticker and then peel.

Thank you, Marek!

Anyone else get this to work? All I had was 70% - it didn't seem to do anything.

Has anyone tried ethanol?
Looking forward to adding the visor warning to my mattress label collection ;-)

P.S. In a lab, we had a nice collection of warning labels, like "to avoid boil over, do not boil" and for extremely pure water (for DNA work) the MSDS noted that reactivity with water had not been assessed!

Here's the 91% stuff:

But has anyone tried this on the Alcantra visors? The label on these feels almost as soft as the rest of the visor, as though it's printed on the material directly. Is there really a separate label there?

There are a lot of people worried about their pillow labels. If they read them, they'd see "until delivered to the final consumer". Duh.

This may also work (NOT TESTED) and it's upwards of 95% alcohol:

You can also get a 99% isopropyl alcohol, though I'm told they keep that behind the pharmacy counter so you have to ask for it.

Can't believe that I just spent almost an hour of my life pealing off the Warning from driver's side visor. It never really bothered me. Must have been the challenge. Two problems. Used 70% isopropyl as that was what was handy. But main problem is that I'm a guy who over years has chewed his chunky fingernails to a nub. And this is a delicate fingernail job. After getting done, and it does look good, realized there is same Warning on other front visor. Duh. Will leave that for wife, she has fingernails. Will buy the 90% stuff for her to use, though she may think the entire project a waste of energy, and fingernails.

@marek.koenig solution worked perfectly for me. I ordered 91% isopropyl and soaked a corner of a white rag. Then put the rag on the edge of the lable so the solution soaks into the visor and under the label. Once under the label, you can peal back the edge a little bit. I then soak this newly exposed area and keep slowly pealing. Got both labels off in about 25 minutes, totally worth it.

Did any cows return to the barn when you were slowly pealing?

I have alcantara headliner/visors. I have owned the car for 11 months. Decided I would try the isopropyl alcohol (91%) and damp rag method above.

So for those of you that have alcantara and have owned your cars for a while here is what I found.

Time: 15-20 per visor
Results: Very good, not great. It looks better than with the labels on, but has left a mark/indentation where the labels were. Overall I'm glad I did it.

You might have better luck if you do it when the car is new. Then again you may not.

Just thought I would share for those of you who might be thinking of doing this.

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