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safety record of Tesla batteries

In view of the recent troubles with lithium ion batteries of the Boeing 787, is there anything known about the safety record of Tesla batteries?

No reported fires under any circumstances, AFAIK. Roadster or Model S. Even in crashes.

I wonder if Boeing should be talking to Elon?

I don't see any cooling equipment in the photos posted by the media but it is hard to tell from low rez imaging.

If TESLA could solve Boeing's problem it would be a great statement
and help to further boost the image of the company and a nice invoicing opportunity for TESLA.

Already been offered:

It's I Portland to toe that the roadster has not had any incidents despite being on the road for a few years now.( granted, in small numbers)

I have full faith in Tesla's ability to engineer a safe battery pack.

Portland. Ugh. Meant to say 'important'.

I have more faith in Tesla's battery than in RedShift's text-to-type software. I think "It's important to know......", and nothing to do with Portland.

It's not the software. It's my butterfingers and my attention deficit disorder.

His wetware speech to text routines are buggy.

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