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Sarah Palin calls Tesla losers

When Prez Jimmy Carter left the White House, the US had a deficit of a mere $20B and $900B in debt accumulated in over 200 years of independence, War of Independence, a bunch of Indian Wars, Mexican War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, etc. In rolled Prez Ronald Reagan (who probably had the onset of Alzheimer) and David Stockman. They drove the deficit sky hi with their trickle down theories of supply side economics. Nothing but a way to feed the filthy rich. David Stockman admitted as much!

The US ICE auto industry gets huge subsidies from the government. Bailouts in $Bs in 1979 mainly of Chrysler. Lately GM and Chrysler got bailed out (at a loss to the taxpayer!) and Ford got nearly $5B in dirt cheap taxpayer subsidized loans. Gasoline would have been $10+/gal if US did not spend $trillions in wars and a huge armada to maintain hegemony over the oil fields in the Middle East.

I admit Fisker, A123 were duds. Did not have disruptive technologies. Same with Solyndra. However, the work in battery tech being done at Argonne National Laboratory has the potential to revolutionize battery tech. The potential is to 3x battery energy capacity and hit the mass market within 5 years. Envia and CLB are working in this direction. Anybody remember Kodak and film photography?

The fact that the politician's keep talking about Tesla puts that name on peoples tongues. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, just matters how many brain cell's exist between the ears of the person consuming the information. Tesla Motor's get's way more traction then an advertisement because people want to know what the fuss is about. You will never convince the brain dead or the ignorant so why try? For those who have a good head on their shoulders, let me direct you to the deposit page on

TSLA up 3% today. Thanks for the free addy Sarah! Her vapid comments, like always, are comfort food for her fans but mean nothing to intelligent people (right or left on the political spectrum) willing to do their own thinking.

Oops. Down 4% today. TSLA responds rumor like lightning. Verrry volatile.

typo: ... responds to rumor ...

Wnat? down 4% today?
when I looked it was up 3.36% at end of trading ....

Mistake. Needed a page refresh, had cached image from yesterday. So we're back to Monday's number.

If Tesla got its money from screwing over low- and middle-income earners, these same people would love it.

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