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How do i go about buying shares in Tesla? Thanks.

^ Brian youa re not listening, Elon himself said it wont be during the Q&A podcast last week...

And previously he said he expected to be profitable for every quarter this year. It's a moving target, but I repeat that I expect marginal profit (at least) from now on.

Speaking as a layman, I'm expecting TSLA stock numbers to not move much this week; it needs to stabilize after that takeoff last week.
Model X won't be a huge kicker for the stock, it's gonna be a statement by Tesla "We are more than a one trick pony". It's when GenIII rolls out that TSLA will really take off, because if Tesla is still unchallagenged at that point, they will be in position to literally dominate the market.
Next few years should be really interesting.

So nice to wake up to a free Model S in the garage. When I bought my car last November I also purchased 2000 shares of Tesla. Doing the math I now drive a free Model S. Thanks Tesla

I am with you on that one teg.

I have been reading the crying posts from the Fools and others. They keep screaming for people to stop buying Tesla stock. All I hear them saying is, 'My firm (or friends) have massively shorted this stock and they are lossing their asses so they have asked me to write this lame article to try and get people to sell their shares. Please stop buying!'

I will admit that I think the stock is a bit over prices for people who are not long term investors. There is still room for it to go higher than this a few years from now. . , or tomorrow :-)

Oops. Up another 10% today. So far. Very few sellers, it would seem. I wonder why? >:p

As for the Motley Fool, here's the concluding paragraph of its latest Tesla article:

Sell in May? I don't think so.
"Sold too soon" is a common sob story among investors, and I'm not going to let Tesla be one for me. Valuation is nearly impossible for a company with the growth potential of Tesla, and I'm sticking to my long-term investing rules when it comes to this stock. Barring an event of epic proportions (and a good quarter doesn't qualify), I hold on to my investments for a minimum two-year period, for better or for worse.
Tesla's stock may tumble in Q2 -- or it may soar. Regardless, I'm in it to win it and believe that Tesla has what it takes to keep electrifying my own earnings for years to come.

Has anyone heard any potential for Tesla to do a stock split in the near future to reduce share prices and increase investment?

Instead of split, its more likely there is a secondary IPO.

Sold at 92.12

For now.

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