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Can you Skype thru the Tesla (voice or video)?
Someone asked me this.

What do you mean "thru the Tesla"? You can't make a call from the 17" touchscreen, if that's what you are asking, but you can use your mobile device with the Skype app.

OK... got it. Everyone's entitled to one stupid question. So far, I've used 12 more than my quota.


Skype in the Car will be cool too. You can share your Desktop and can Help other People . . . but i prefer for this logmein or teamviewer. But skype and heandfree will be very usefull.

And you can use your backup camera as the video for the call....HAHA...wouldn't that be COOL!

You can Skype with your mobile device, and if paired with MS, BT the audio through the car's sound system. I have the Dish Network Sling Media app on my Galaxy 3 phone and watch my home TV from anywhere I can get a 3G/4G or WiFi connection. The audio is awesome!

This is not a stupid question. To be able to run skype you need a computer with a microphone and speaker connected to the internet. The Tesla center console is a computer with access to both speakers and a microphone. I tried to run skype and it does not work at the moment but it is a feature that can be made to work with proper SW support.

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