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So Elon is not a robot!

Just watched the 60 Minutes segment on Fast Car and Rocket. Elon was very emotional about the dark days in 2008 with impending SpaceX and his personal bankruptcy, Roadster losing million$ every month along with his divorce.

Christmas week 2008 saved both companies with $1.5 Billion NASA contract and new investors in Tesla. 60 Minutes did a very balanced report with both companies. Of course any fair reporting means extremely positive view on both companies.

Elon's got my vote into any offices he pursues whenever he's bored with all his technological endeavors.

I too thought it was a very far and balanced story. Would have loved more on Tesla and the Model S. I seem to recall that the pre-show teasers were more about the Model S and all the "hype" about being one of the best cars made.

Escaping a news show like 60 Minutes without arrows in your back is a positive accomplishment.

60 minutes did a fine job.
Hey, they only have 16 min or so.

We need an extended version of the Elon Musk segment. :D

We need more threads about the 60 Minutes segment.

Hey! No spoilers for us West Coast folks!

Still Grinning ;-)

@Will_A - extended extras (including the whole interview) are online here:


I still don't understand why they made a point to add engine sounds when ever a MS was being shown.

The link posted has not extras, its the same 13 minutes segment.

There are 5 video links to the right. The 13 minute seg, a portion of the above and 3 novel shorts.

I think the engine sounds are the chase car as you could hear shifts as well.

Yeah I figured it out LOL.

Best line of the story.....
"Only 4 entities in history have ever sent something to space and returned it successfully. The US, Russia. China and ELON MUSK.....

@2050project - Thank you for the link. Good stuff!

yeah, @jordanrichard that engine sound was so fake, would anyone NOT notice that? sadly I think the answer is yes. But otherwise a great piece on Elon Musk.

I wish they had used another Model S as a photo/sound car, I was really distressed there were sounds at all to that segment...

I remember watching Elon on Steven Colbert and when Colbert said Neil Armstrong was not supportive of Space X or any commercial space company, Elon got so choked up he could barely respond for a minute or two.

Neil Armstrong can suck it.

Neil Armstrong is past sucking anything. Died Aug 25 2012.

"I still don't understand why they made a point to add engine sounds when ever a MS was being shown."

Well, it's a television thing...

Originally on Star Trek, Mr. Spock was supposed to be slightly green about the gills. When the prints came in, the folks processing the film thought it was 'off', so they corrected the skin tone.

Same thing here... Someone got the B-Roll of the Tesla Model S, thought the sound was too low, so they added an engine drone from their Foley collection for effect. At least they stopped it before the very last clip.


It sounded like a motorcycle engine to me, but you think they could have been smart enough to edit that out, wither it's a car or a motorcycle it was annoying.

I initially thought it was the camera car's output, but when I rewatched I noticed it was present on an interior shot as well. Goofy.

"We need an extended version of the Elon Musk segment."

You can find Bloomberg's "Risk Takers, Elon Musk" on youtube. It's as good as the 60 Minutes segment and with even more details of Elon's life story. The only thing is it was produced a couple years ago and ended before Tesla and Model S really took off.

I am enjoying the Elon Musk story as it unfolds. No mind games or ego-mania deserving of the credit due him.

Heh; "deserving of the credit due him" is 100% completely redundant.

@carlk - yes, agreed: the 60 Minutes piece felt inspired by the hour-long profile on an earlier Bloomberg Risk Takers episode (which came out around the time of the Model S launch). If the 60 Minutes piece was to your liking, the Bloomberg Risk Takers episode really provides a much "deeper dive" into the Elon Musk story.

That Bloomberg Risk Takers 'Elon Musk' episode is available on Netflix, but, you can also watch a high-res version online here:

If it is correct that they added the sound of the car artificially, then that dampens the story. Not everyone who watches 60 Minutes, after all, has either driven or even seen (and "heard") a Tesla. The sound emitted was rather loud and annoying, complete with transmission shifting. Obviously, that's not a Tesla sound.

But beyond that, it was a very good story.

Sounded like a motorcycle to me too.

We noticed it because we drive the car and know it makes very little noise. But the typical viewer who sees this story has probably never even seen a Model S, let alone driven one. I don't think it's a big deal. In fact, for the typical ICE driver, the sounds probably reinforce the "performance" aspect of the vehicle. Imagine their shock when they actually drive one! :)

My daughter said Elon reminded her of Tony Stark.

Elon has a cameo appearance in Iron Man 2 (some shots were taken in SpaceX factory).

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