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Software Update 4.0 Received

Who has received the latest update? I was told that updates go out in batches to make sure if there are bugs that the fewest number of people possible have an issue, but I am getting really anxious with this update. I was just curious how many have gotten the update so far.

To NJ1207, I am Sig572 and in NJ and no update as of yet...

@mwillmsn - You are right on! Based on my discussion with Tesla regarding the updates, "Those are pushed through vehicle region, equipment, and several other factors."

It is software--really fricking cool software, but still software. A soft restart every now and then seems to fix the issues.

@mshahmd I haven't got the update yet, and this one requires one to schedule, so you will see on the screen a dialog about when you want to schedule the update. I was told by Tesla that minor updates may not require user interaction, but this one apparently is more than that and would have to be scheduled by you, so you will know! You can touch the Tesla icon in the middle of top edge of the 17" display and it tells you what version you have.

I had my s/w upgraded at the Menlo Park Service center last week Friday (12/7) when I took it in for the "12V Battery alert" message. The tech told me it would take about 2 hours total (depending on download speed of 3G). I left and came back and in two hours and it was already upgraded. Some of that time was downloading and the other time is the actual upgrading. I agree with other posts above that the actual installation (or upgrading of s/w) is the part that needs owner/user intervention and scheduling since this is the time when the user cannot operate the car.

I am noticing:

I cannot quickly open the trunk without first standing near the rear bumper with the keyfob in my pocket. Eventually, the car picks up the keyfob signal and unlocks and presents the door handles. At that time, I can open the trunk.

Anyone else notice this?

VB, I think that you misunderstood what the issue is with creep mode. There is an option to turn it on or off from the control setting screen. When I try to change it the only time I can do it is when in park. Apparently with the new software not only do you need to have the car in park but you also need to have your foot on the brake pedal. Since I have not gotten the update yet I can't comment if this is the case but from the posts so far it sure seems so.

I would expect when hill hold arrives that it will be selectable as well but I am wondering if it will be an either/or option between creep and hill hold. I hope not as I can see both being used in a trip (even a short one).

Theresa, I'm S00622. Got the 4.0 upgrade on 12//11. I don't think I had to put my foot on the brake to creeperize. I have yet to try to do it while moving.

Woldn't it be nice if there was a way to download the upgrade on USB flash and plug it in?

It's already downloaded before it begins to install and the fun starts. Someone should video it for us! Sounds like quite a show.

Check on cinergi on TMC. He did a video on the process.

@brian h -- Probably won't download in my garage -- only minimal 3g out here. A way to download from the net would speed up adoption, and would save Tesla $$ in cell fees. Use cell download only for those owners that haven't installed after a certain date?

Apparently the download happens silently, when you are out and about. Then it notifies you when parked so you can leave it alone for the 2 hr. install.

Received mine last night. Works great so far in the garage. Looking forward to taking it out and testing the new throttle sensitivity. Not sure I like the power saving mode with the screens. I like the instant on. Something to get used to.

Vin #808

@ brian h -- Yes, I did go out and about, but 3G was only 1 bar most of the time. Maybe when I'm down in Denver tomorrow I'll get the code download!

The following was reported on the Tesla Motors Club forum:

To hopefully put the minds at ease of those who haven't received their update - Tesla evidently is doing this on purpose. They already have a version 4.1 coming out because of all the bugs in 4.0. If you are one of the ones who haven't received 4.0, it is because they are planning to send you 4.1 directly, and are not going to send out 4.0. I was told this from my service rep.

Just heard the same thing on 4.1 when I called the Ownership Experience guys about some other stuff. Got my car on Saturday without the 4.0 update and was a little puzzled by that but now makes sense.

Carmine, True that to creep you don't need to do anything except take your foot off the brake. But the question was about San Fran hills where the creep will not hold you still. In that case using boot feet (one on brake and one on accel) will get you enough power applied to keep the car from rolling back.

Carmine, Sorry forgot which post I was on. I thought I was on the San Fran post.

Thanks for the update just got my car today VIN#1692 with the old software. When should I expect to get 4.1?

Boot feet? Which are those? Big fat ones?


Brian, I have one pair of feet I use for my boots, hence "boot feet," and another pair I use for my shoes.

And s(c)andalous ones for your flip-flops?

Tesla mentions "improved throttle response" for this release and it does seem a bit zippier off the mark. Anyone mesaured to see if the 0-60 or 0-100 times have improved? If the M5 was looking for a re-match, they might be disappointed...

I am still waiting for the 4.x update for my Model S, would love to also know what "zippier" really means?

I have only had version 4.0, but I am amazed at how smooth and finely tuned the accelerator is at low speeds (something that was complained about with earlier software versions). I can easily move the car a half inch at a time without jerking or stuttering. I wonder whether this is what they are referring to?

I have noticed my display running extremely sluggish (i.e. takes over 1 minute to load up Does downloading this full update consume all the 3G bandwith or is it throttled? I still have not gotten the update but I have a feeling that is due to the car trying to download the update but poor cell reception in my area.

I think they stopped pushing out the 4.0 software. They want to clean up some bugs and then push out 4.1. You might try rebooting your display (hold both scroll wheels down for 10 seconds or so).

Just got the software update today. Will be installing it tonight. Not sure what version it is until tomorrow morning. VIN#1692 Just got my car yesterday.

I got 4.0 update yesterday VIN#1851 in NJ
Says 1.17.52

What is suppose to be in 4.1?

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