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Tesla Causes Cancer

I was having lunch in Willow Glen (San Jose, CA.) yesterday and overheard a conversation from the table next to me about why the Tesla was a bad idea. There were 8 young folks (mid 20's to mid 30's) discussing the car and one fellow said he wouldn't touch the car because it would give you cancer.

His argument was that you're sitting on top of a giant cell phone battery and that has been proven to cause cancer. What surprised me was that the remaining 7 (4 men & 3 women) people all chimed in and agreed.

I couldn't contain myself and turned around and told them they had no idea of what they were talking about. I have read all the studies about cell phone battery's and draw the same conclusion of those conducting the studies that cell phones don't cause cancer. I also told them that it's stupid and ignorant people like themselves that is driving this country into the toilet. Needless to say they didn't like my assessment of their moronic view about things they have no basis to make statements about. Fortunately, I was finished with lunch and I left them in the dust when I pulled out of the parking lot.

Strawman stuff. Sitting in a closed garage is not the issue. That causes poor combustion. That is not relevant to normal combustion.

Batteries do cause cancer, I would guess. If you eat them.

We had the RF discussion elsewhere, and I am not going back there. But this battery thing is truly bizarre. I think of the battery as a safety feature. A nice chunk of mass right under the safety cage.

Batteries use and supply electricity. Electricity is invisible. Invisible things cause cancer. Ergo, ...

The stupid. It hurts.

Sounds like those kids might be related to ol' Jimmy Broder.......

A generation of Jimmy Broders....... now THAT'S gonna give me nightmares -.-



@Brian H reminds me of the Burn the Witch scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Referring back to the original post. It's my experience that only about one person in 10 has either the training or inclination to think logically (critically). Since there were only 8 young people at that table, that explains it!

When you read this kind of stuff, it gives you less and less faith in our youth and for the average american. Hard to believe that people are that dumb.

Hey wait a minute GoTeslaChicago. There are about 10 different posters to this thread.

I heard CO2 emissions [that come out of tail pipes] cause smog and indirectly asthma, drought which could lead to starvation and mass species extinction... Another scary thing is: large concentrations of CO2 can lead to brain damage (likely what you observed) and even death.

U.S. Submarines are limited to 8,000 ppm, about 20X current atmospheric levels. Below that, don't worry.

I have to agree with some of the post above. While you made your point and satisfied your ego. I do not think it helped the bigger picture. Minimally, it did not give them a good impression of Telsa owners.

Think of the impact of patiently and kindly explainkng the facts may have had......

By the way, many of the comments about the age of the kids are just as unhelpful as the original post. And are not demonstrative of a "higher level" of intellect...

Did not occur to these folks that the ignition spark system puts out a bunch of unshielded EMF?

on an ICE car I mean.

@josh Sometimes we just want to have fun. We have seen this types of ridiculous posts over and over.

@wrenhour yes, I am also very disturbed by people's lack of basic physics and math understanding, and perhaps more disturbed by the attitude that the ignorance should be normal. However, it is not a phenomenon isolated to "the youth". I have had more than one older person ask me if the my car charges itself as it drives and if it has unlimited range. I also know that while it is difficult to truly comprehend the value of numbers even as small as a ten thousand, still it is alarming that many grown adults don't understand the relative differences between numbers like a million, a billion, and a trillion. I don't understand how these people operate, it's like everything is magic and rocket science to them, and we wonder why people don't understand their finances or why American companies can't find enough qualified engineers locally, etc.

Well then, I guess I should just start smoking in my Model S Performance and drive it as fast as I can until I crash into something since it's giving me cancer anyway.

What about hydrocarbons and fumes from gasoline? There are warnings at the gas pump, these are known cancer risks. Not to mention carbon monoxide and other direct toxins in all ICE, and the lubricants needed, heavy metals in emmision systems the list goes on.

All true, except CO is produced only when the oxygen supply is limited or "stifled" in an enclosed space like a garage, leading to incomplete combustion.

What we should all really be concerned about is
That people like this can vote

What we should really be concerned about is that people like this get elected to Congress.

The battery is not the problem. The wide range of broadband RF coming from the inverter could be. Last Thursday I drove an 85P from LAX to San Francisco and back. When I stopped to recharge at Tejon heading north, I felt a bit 'buzzy' like I was at a television transmitter site on Mt. Wilson, which is what I have been doing for a living.
The proof that there is a lot of broadband non ionizing RF radiation coming from the AC inverter that drives the motor is right there on the dash - the AM radio. I was listening to KFI 640 much of the way, until it succumbed to the whirring noise of the RF tracking the motor speed. It was akin to alternator whine in an ICE car that has a defective capacitor filter on the generator or alternator, but with far richer harmonics. If you know someone who is sensitive to WiFi, Cellular Towers, or Digital Television transmitters, maybe the Model S, or any electric vehicle is not for them. Such people exist, several live in Greenbank, WV, an RF cell tower free zone for radio astronomy.

What we should really be concerned about is how an otherwise highly intelligent forum can ridicule a concept with so little definitive evidence.


Damn I'd love to be so rich that I need to know the difference between millions, billions and trillions... sight. :P

We should be concerned that people propose ideas with no evidence behind them, and EVERYBODY ELSE has to disprove them!

Can't fix stupid....

The sad thing about this story is that these kids one day will be at the helm. It's kids like these and the politicians (in general) are the reasons why this world (not only this country) is going down.

By the way, everything in life can cause cancer. There's nothing that's a 100% chance of giving someone cancer. Heard of people smoking for 30 years and living healthy lives.

1. There might be valid concern about the EMF from the electric motor, but I doubt any more so than being around any other large motor. Otherwise, none of the things mentioned are physically doing something to you. No RF being radiated, the charger is not doing anything, etc.

2. I'd love to hear a description of what the group of people looked like. What was their demographic? Did they otherwise appear to be maybe reasonable / educated people? Young, old? Rich, poor?

While not cancer, I can't be certain if it is just the battery or the whole car that is causing increased wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Damn Tesla smile.

I thought they eliminated Cancer with software Version 5.0?

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