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Tesla motor bike

I would like to see tesla introduce a cruiser or touring bike w bags and windshield with a range of at least 250 miles, at a price ranging from $20,00 for a cruiser ( like a honda shadow) and $40,000 for a touring ( like a Honda gold wing)
How many others would be interested

I wouldn't be interested in that style of bike or price, but I am interested in an electric motorcycle, and I've been eyeing the newest Zeros. I think I want to wait for the range to get a little better and the price a little cheaper. Ideally, I'd like to spend $10k or less.

Oops, I forgot to mention that I'd be totally interested in what styling and innovation Tesla could come up with, but I somehow I am doubtful that they are interested in doing bikes.

I was referencing for size not style
As a cruiser is more maneuverable than a chopper or touring bike

I think I would name it the lightning

Unfortunately Tesla has already been beaten to the post. Guess what, the 120Kw SB80 is made by Lightning Motorcycles!
Nothing can catch it on the race track. It is the fastest production / race motorbike in the world, with a top speed of 218 mph, 150 mile range and price of $38888.00.
It looks cool too.

ICE is dead....

With Zero and Lightning, ICE bikes are history... Very cool!

Crowded field already, TM already has its hands full in the automobile field and Elon has expressed interest in airplanes (a joint venture with Piper might yield a great product for General Aviation, especially for the recreational and training market). Electric jet, that is a long way off (years and billions in RD).

I'm not looking for a race, bike but an every day rider with longer range than 200 miles, as I can go 236 miles on a tank with my 88 Honda shadow 800.

I looked at the lightning in the link posted above, it's too expensive and does not have the range I'm looking for and only comes as a croch rocket, I was wanting something closer to a cruiser or touring bike

I also checked out the zero at it only comes in a crossover style and CR style with only 85 mile range on the highway

surprised no one mentioned

Next, please.... electric snow machines, would improve winter travel through National Parks hugely .... clean, quiet, instant torque and long range capacity!

Brammo still the same issues as the others, low range, no cruiser or tourin bikes

Perhaps this would work for y'all:

What? A covered bike? And miss out on the thrill of being smashed in the teeth by a bumblebee at 70mph? No way. ;)

Still not what I am looking for, not a true bike

"True bikes" is a crowded market. They're trying to create and occupy an empty niche.

Still not an option for bike riders, that is to much like a two wheeled car

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