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Tesla Working “Vigorously” To Complete Model X

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) unveiled its 2015 all-electric Model X at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday.  The vehicle was full white and looked complete with a set of skis and a snowboard fitted to the top. The company and experts are expecting good things ahead from the Model X.

Jerome Guillen, vice president of Tesla for worldwide sales and service, reiterated that he was not clear about the progress of the model, but the employees are working “vigorously” to complete the car, and “it’ll be here at some point,” says a report from mlive.

Model S one of the safest vehicle around

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is riding high on the success of the Model S in Europe and the United States.  The car can run over 300 miles on a single charge and is supported by the “supercharger” network that enables the owners to get the cars fully charged in half the time required by traditional charges.

According to Guillen, Model S is one of the safest vehicles on the road with no major injuries to date. The executive said that the Model S is the most sought after car in Norway, and could also give spectacular performance in winters.

Looks like a smaller Model S with the front cone of Model X. Just like other car lines the economy car looks like the offspring if the Model S and Model X had a baby.

Are you under the impression that the above image depicts a Model E? I'm 99% certain the above image is that off a Model X prototype. Although I'm not sure if Model X was really unveiled at this year's Detroit Auto show as the original post seems to imply.

@ccbldg, where did you get those quotes from (I assume they were quotes)? Tesla DID NOT introduce the Model X at the just concluded 2014 Detroit Auto Show. It did introduce it last year at the 2013 show. Did you get confused between the two shows when you posted above? Also, that picture is old. No one knows what the final production Model X will look like. Maybe in a month or so we'll know. Maybe.

@ ccbldg

There was NO unveiling of the 2015 Model X at the Detroit Auto Show. There was a white Model S with a ski rack on top on display.

That's the source, but ValueWalk is a notoriously crappy "tip sheet" for stocks. Either that or Tesla gave them an exclusive on the Model X!

Interesting he chose to talk in terms of "effort" rather than "progress".

"What is the status of the Model X?"
"I'm not clear on the progress, and it will be here at some point, but we are working vigorously."

Of course this is a sales guy who is probably not authorized to talk about progress, so we should not read too much into that.

I think Elon said they would deliver some this year, and then begin full production sometime in 2015. Seems reasonable based on their history with the MS.

So in other words, nothing new to report.

so bad you are wrong :(
I was really hoping for Model X with skiis and snowboard, but there is only photo of Model S with them :(

and it will be here at some point

This should be their mantra. Under promise and over deliver. Remove not only expectations but any reason for expectations.

The "S" is Tesla should stand for "Soon."

Click on the image ppl. Are you all new to this interweb of things stuff??

I clicked the image of the MS. I see another image of an MS. Am I missing something? I don't see a white Model X with skis and snowboard on the roof...


Click the image, then click the author's name & then complain to your hearts content.

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