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Thank You nickjhowe

There are many helpful contributors in these forums, but one I personally wanted to extend a "thank you" to is nickjhowe.

Like many users, by the time I got to reading the forums I already knew I wanted a Model S. My research here was really just to make sure I could justify the purchase and to figure out which options I actually wanted. And doing that research was made significantly easier using

After finishing my research and ordering my Model S last month, I'm scheduled to take delivery next week and I find myself re-reading nickjhowe's "DELIVERY CHECKLIST AND OWNERS GUIDE" in preparation. Even more impressive is how frequently and persistently he updates it. It's evolved from something that was mostly a pick-up checklist to something that I think anyone starting their research should read first. When you've been around the forums long enough you start to see the same questions pop up over and over again, especially about the options, and the "Before you buy" section pretty much sums up everything I've read with more or less the same conclusions I came to--but more succinctly than I could ever capture them.

Anyway, thank you, nickjhowe. One test drive is all it took to convince the right brain, but for the left brain, your contributions helped seal the deal.

+1 He is awesome.
Loved your last two sentences, very well said.

I got my MS just as @nickjhowe was putting the list together. While I don't think I "missed" anything, I would certainly been more aware of more things about the car. Plus I kept my DS around for almost two hours - that time certainly could have been shortened had I had the checklist. ;-)

CoreyM - Couldn't agree more! Nickjhowe really goes above and beyond ordinary helpfulness and carved himself a spot on the Tesla Panethon. He and lolachampcar are really the engin... er, motors of the forum in my opinion. A lot of great contributors and interesting opinions from everyone else, too!

Thanks for sticking around nickjhowe. You are missed when you are away.

You will have a legacy just as has.

Aw shucks. Thx guys. Just trying to give back. I've got more than enough help from the forum myself.


Nick's prodigious contributions are all the more impressive because of his good-natured spirit. While he's clearly passionate about thIs topic, he's also consistently gracious. That's an awesome combo.

Thanks for elevating the tone Nick. A big thank you indeed.

It is great that this Tesla owner community is so appreciative to an outstanding member, Nick, who has done so much good deed to fellow members. To me, what Nick has done at this Forums is like what Victor Hugo once said about Voltaire: "He had been evidently chosen for the work which he had done by the Supreme Will".


Yeah, nick. You're da man.

I'm piling on here has well :)

Me too. Five stars nickjhowe!

Me too. Thanks Nick!

+1 -- At a minimum, the checklist helped a ton when I picked up my car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, really, isn't it strange just how helpful, just how smart, just how nice he is. Everyone has a darker side. I have to wonder if it's possible he's also nicknitetown?

You know, like a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing. It seems like when one of them is here the other is never around. Think about it, has anyone seen them both at the same time? Even his handle has the J and the H right next to each other.
Coincidence? I think not.

So, Nick, if that's who you really are, let me add my vote of admiration and appreciation. At least to the good half of you.

BTW The OP also mentioned lolachampcar.

Nick and lola are both from Florida. Freaky.

yes i found this very helpful

While all of you have sung Nick's praises, I've had the good fortune to actually meet him in person at the Port St. Lucie Supercharger grand opening luncheon after the unveiling! He's just as gracious in person too! Thanks for everything you've done for all of us "newbies".


Video of delivery day, there I am, clutching Nick's list in my hand.

Everything turned out perfect, but driving away there was less anxiety because of your list. Much less.
It was scary purchasing a new car - I mean a 'NEW' car - you made it easier on the 'Quam'.

Thnx Nick.

(Wish I could come up with a catchy turn on the 'Nick' name which would forever mean the opposite of Broder.)

Add me to the list. Thanks Nick!

me too thanks Nick!!!

Waiting for delivery in a few weeks and stopped counting the nb of times I have reviewed Nick's exceptional checklist. Wish there were a way to make it even more visible to the many who would benefit from it as we have but just not aware... Love this forum!

+1 jtotdtman :-) :-)

+10 nickjhowe. Thank you, Nick! What a huge difference your guide, checklist and comments have made for me personally! From the expressions on the faces of the Watertown Service Center staff and their supportive comments, I can confidently state that I am far from the first to show up with your checklist in hand. Thanks!!!!

Also, +10 lolachampcar. No one has ever before made me care about camber. Or tire tread wear. I now own what I think of as the "Lolachampcar Memorial Tire Tread Depth Gauge".

The TM and TMC forums, because of contributions from so many, are incredibly valuable. Thanks to all!

P.S. +1CoreyM. Nicely done.

@Pollux. "Lolachampcar Memorial Tire Tread Depth Gauge".
Memorial? I'm sure lolachampcar would agree the reports of his demise are premature.

And may they be for many years.

Nickjhowe thank you, but I have a question, you posted the model s guide but only prints the first page, how can I print all the document. Thank you

+1: Nick nick, hurray!

Throughout the year, I have watched your brilliant list grow with more and more useful check items, tips and considerations, and I can't _wait_ to finally print it out! It will be literally the last thing I do before getting into my current ICE car for its last ride (with me driving it, that is), to the Tesla dealer to pick up my Model S in November.


I'll hopefully get my p85 in november, guess what i'll be taking along.
Nick thanks from a Dutch guy...

Nick is awesome. We should give out an annual award for most useful forum member, "above and beyond" the call of duty...

+1 Nick

I really did have your check-list in my pocket when I picked up my first Model S.

But....when I laid eyes on my beautiful spanking new Silver 85, all I could do is think "holy shit"!!! I was speechless and the list never came out of my pocket.

I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?

To this day, I am overwhelmed that I get to drive this incredible machine.

Nick's posts are very valuable and reasonable.

An asset to the community. :-)

+1... thank you!

The list was invaluable to me, prior and during the delivery.

Tesla should be distributing the list as an official document.

I used the check list also. I too was Holy Shit during the delivery guy's walk through and realized when he was finished I didn't remember a word he had said. I kiddingly asked him to start over and I think he was about to but I told him I wanted to look at the car my self. He had 2 or 3 more deliveries that day and let me to it.

I went over the car list in hand and did find water in the rear driver's side tail light assembly. Brought it to the attention of the service manager who had it replaced while I ate lunch. Great Service so far!

Still figuring things out after over a month and over 2,100 miles (told you I didn't hear a word he said). After using google to search the displays next to the speedo I now know how to change what screens are displayed on both.

I am sure you will enjoy your Model S. Be careful going into the garage, this baby is wide!

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