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Tires?? All we are talking about....

All we are taking about is about 300 bucks for a pair....for 2 tires folks!

View the "original equipment tires" for both 19 inches and 21 inches:

I think air suspension lowering on the freeway may have something to do with it.

Considering lolachampcar's observation that this increases the rear camber by about a half a degree I think that could certainly contribute.

agreed on torque and we should consider that the rears are handling most of the deceleration with the high quality single pedal regen.

Before you act like an ass and rip on a guy, you may want to follow the thread a little more carefully next time and try to understand the context behind a comment.

WOW! Talk about a heated debate! I have a Signature VIN <1000 from November 2012 with 7800 miles and both rear tires had massive wear down to marker and I had to rotate. But now the front tires are all over the place. I am getting new tires put on Monday at SC. Replacing them with the same original Continental Extremes. They cost $220 each on Tesla wanted $374 per tire. However, Tesla has me convinced this is normal wear for a performance car with 21 rims and is not a warranty issue. However, Tesla has moved to the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 in all performance S cars coming out now. These tires cost twice as much. Has anybody tried them and are they getting twice to wear?

If some get 27K with no significant wear and others are down to cord in 8K, there's obviously an alignment or other issue. Driving style etc. can't account for it, short of Daily Donuts or such nonsense. TM claims that it's "normal" are clearly out of line.

Those who get 27k miles are not driving 19" tires, those who are getting 8k miles and less are driving 21" tires. I don't see anything unusual here.

I mean they ARE driving 19" tires. Urggggg

What is the motivation to force 21" wheels on Performance+ cars? IME, 19" wheels can be more than adequate in supporting the torque and weight of the MS. It's not like the brake calipers require 21" wheels...they're the same brakes on all MS models, AFAIK.

10 to 15K maybe the norm for 21' back tires under normal driving condition. The 19' should get 20 to 30K under normal condition.

I think most people get the 21' for looks not performance sake.

@justineet: If you get the Peformance Plus package, TM requires you to get 21" wheels as well. There's no option not to.

Wow, I actually agree with you on this one! LOL. I wish they had made 19s in the same color and style as the 21s. I personally don't like the look of the silver 19s. My 911 had 20s, and the performance was outstanding. I don't know what the P+ would handle like with smaller wheels. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do for winter tires/wheels. Hopefully someone with more experience can lead the way on that one....

Doh, someone posted before me. I was replying to justineet.

@cfOH That is true.....I was referring to most non-P+ owners who get 21" instead of 19".

justineet - I'm curious how you know how many miles folks should be getting on their tires? Do you own an S? Or are you guessing based on what you've been reading? I only ask as that's what I have to do.

I agree that most 21" wheel purchases are for the looks. If I was to purchase today I would probably get them too. Mostly because I'd have a very hard time passing up the P+ package but also because I prefer the look of them.

I did not want to be as blunt with my comments but I too think under 10K on 21s seems too low. It seems we can set aside 19s as being an issue so I'll start another thread asking 21 owners to post their tire wear experience.

@lolachampcar: So is there no way to significantly dial back the negative camber on the rears without having to fabricate some replacement UCAs??

My first stop was the alignment rack were we poured over the rear suspension. There is an eccentric bolt on the toe link to allow adjustment there but all the rest of the links are not adjustable. Tesla engineering did indicate that there is a small amount of "bolt slop" that can be used to bias the assembly one way or the other but I can not imagine that would account for much adjustability. If memory serves me, I think I lengthened the arms by 0.210" to remove just over a degree of camber.

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