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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

Maybe not all new VIN owners visit the forums?

Hi all -16218 ordered and confirmed last Thursday

I confirmed last Thursday at # 16,186. The first Model S rolled out around 6/22/12 and my order was confirmed on 6/28/13, so that's a year plus a week. So it would appear that Model S sold toughly 16,000 units in the first year of production. Is this in line with Tesla's expectations?

Elon projected 20K+ cars for 2013, maybe more.

In 2012: 2,650 Tesla Model S's for customers.
In Q1 2013: 4,900 Tesla Model S's for customers.
Total = 7,550 Tesla Model S's for customers (up to Q1 2013).

In Q2 2013 certainly not more than 5,450 Tesla Model S's for customers.

So, in total not more than 13,000 Tesla Model S's for customers (up to Q2 2013).

How many Tesla Model S's would they have produced for company use? 500? Who knows?

But it certainly does not add up to 16,000 Tesla Model S's.

According to this article (, Tesla delivered between 2,500 and 3,000 Model S vehicles in all of 2012. Shipments began on 6/22/12, so roughly 3,000 in six months if we give Tesla the high end of the expected range. Based on my VIN # 16,186 towards the end of June, it would appear Tesla has sold approximately 13,000 vehicles in the first six months of 2013.

So looking at the numbers, Tesla has gone from producing 500 Model S vehicles per month in 2012 to making over 2,100 Model S vehicles per month so far in 2013. That is a factor of 4x increase in production. They seem to be scaling up very quickly.

Do these numbers make sense? And if true, it would seem that Tesla is well on track to deliver at least the 20,000 vehicles that Elon promised for 2013, if not more. That's presuming orders keep up and Tesla can keep up with demand and quality control.

Tesla Motors will surely deliver 21,000 Tesla Model S's to customers in 2013, no doubt about it.

In 2012: 2,650 Tesla Model S's for customers.
In Q1 2013: 4,900 Tesla Model S's for customers.
Total = 7,550 Tesla Model S's for customers (up to Q1 2013).

These are facts, because these figures have been released by Tesla Motors at their Earnings Calls of Q4 2012 and Q1 2013. And now we just have to wait for the Earnings Call of Q2 2013 on July 22nd, 2013. Then we will know for sure.

A VIN number does not mean it is in production, much less sold (out-of-order, batch production). There are probably many EU cars within the 16K VIN range as well, which may not have started production yet. Therefore the total production number is less than the last known VIN#.

I think Tesla only includes models that are delivered to customers for their quarterly results, so the actual Q1+Q2 number may be less than 13,000.

Doing a very crude extrapolation from my VIN number #11239, delivered 5/31, I come up with ~ 5500 deliveries in Q2.


The sales rep told me they were currently producing 450 cars per week so your math is pretty close.

@ sia

A total number for delivered Tesla Model S's in Q2 2013 is very likely to be between 5,000 and 5,500. Therefore, your estimate is likely as well. The more the better, of course.

@ sia

2012 + Q1 and Q2 2013 = 13,000 (at the most).
But still, more would be better although it is not very likely to happen.

@Benz: “more would be better”.


I finalized my order on 6/11, and took delivery of VIN 14564 on Friday 6/28.

sharpe222 finalized on 6/27 with a VIN of 16218.

That's an increase of 1654 VIN numbers in 16 days. If that 16 day pace was sustained for a full a year, over 37,000 Model S cars would be sold annually.

All is possible, and nothing is impossible. But I prefer to remain realistic. Let's just wait for the Q2 2013 Earnings Call on July 22nd, 2013. Fair enough?

sia took delivery of VIN 11239 on 5/31.
I took delivery of VIN 14564 on 6/28.

That's a 3325 VIN number increase in just 28 days.

@ CalDreamin

My dear friend, it all has got to do with planning of the production of the Tesla Model S's at the Tesla factory in Fremont.

Production of Tesla Model S's with similar options (colour, pano roof, etc.) are joined in a certain batch (as much as possible). This is done to achieve some efficiency in the production process (among other reasons).

It's not as straight forward as you might think.

It's very likely that some of the Tesla Model S's with a certain combination of options (which combination of options is not often chosen by customers) still have to be produced.

But still, you could be right about the delivery of 3,325 Tesla Model S's inbetween May 31st and June 28th. And actually I hope that you are right (as more deliveries is better for Tesla Motors).

I just spoke with the service manager in Queens, NY during a recall service. There was a mad dash to deliver tons of MS this past weekend to make the end of quarter quota. The highest VIN# they delivered was in the low 13xxx.

If @CalDreamin took delivery of his car within 2 weeks with VIN #14564, then he must have lucked out and stole one from the batch of top of the line P85+ destined for loaners.

I was told that the loaners are flying off the shelf for purchases (avoiding wait time of 4-6 weeks).

BTW, Queens service center is down to one loaner after they were force to part ways with one of them and send it to Long Island center.

@ Benz, agreed, you make good points.

I took the Tesla Fremont factory tour on 6/28, and there were cars with all different colors moving together along the production line. I assume there are some options that get batched together on the production line, but apparently color isn't one of them.

Since I had a factory delivery, I had no transportation delay. So I probably received my MS before some others with lower VIN numbers will receive their MS.

I've wondered why my order went so fast - just 17 days from finalizing my order to delivery. Maybe I got moved up in the queue because I agreed to do a factory delivery? No idea, just a guess.

@Benz - Seems like your estimate is the closest to what the service manager confirmed in NYC...

Then there's the mystery number (500?) headed for EU that doesn't count as Q2 deliveries.

@ Mathew
I didn't get a P85+, I got a S85.

I ordered a 85P/pano/white/grey loaded on 6-18 and sent to the factory straight. Got the VIN 15588 next day. Delivery schedule is now 7-21 to 8-24 to SEeast. I was told that there was no inventory for quick delivery before the quarter ended. Looks like there is a lot of demand.

@CalDreamin - Congrats on getting your S85 in 17 days. It must be some record pace. I considered myself lucky for getting mine in 5 weeks.

I think 4-5 weeks from order to delivery is pretty standard now a day given their more streamlined production.

Let's not upset other owners who waiting months/years to get their toys... get their toys...
The MS has become the main driver and the putt-putt is now the toy.

Can you call it a toy if it's no fun?

@CalDreamin, I am very jealous, I also finalized my order on June 11th, s/n 14545 and my delivery window is July 16-30th. It is an S60 with most options. My s/n is lower than yours, but could come up to a month later!

That is true... no fun any more - just like riding a subborn horse at the time of the civial war.

stubborn horse... Before Brian catches me.

I now have my VIN no: 14910 to be delivered in Norway around Aug 1 after more than 2.5 years of waiting....Sig Perf Plus with "everything"


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