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Trade in value

I went to our local AutoNation Chicago center and my 2009 Highlander hybrid limited with 23,000 mi was valued at 27k. They knew nothing about the Tesla assosiation. Does anyone think it will be a better to go through Tesla to trade in or will it be basically the same as if I did not?

Tesla uses AutoNation for the trades. Some have said CarMax gives better amounts. Neither will get you as much as selling it privately.

My understanding is that the deal with Autonation is only in California. But I could be wrong, you should check with your sales or delivery specialist. I'm the guy who got $3.5k more from CarMax than Autonation (sold a Merc CLK63 AMG for $31k).

I recommend you check out , top tab sell your car. They have an online survey to fill out and they will give you a quote that they will pay for your car. They have member dealer(s) who will conduct an inspection and they will cut the check. It is quick and easy and more meaningful than a KBB guide price.

Autotrader offered a little less than AutoNation.

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