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Trip Planning App

I'm not sure if this exists but I couldn't find it. Tesla should develop an app that does the same thing the website does to calculate range when taking a long trip. Allow you to input model, spead, temp, headwinds, etc. and have it tell you the range you should expect to get as well as recommended charging stations to visit along the route.

+++1 : Moreover, the app should pull down the environmental data directly for the whole route. And, it should continuously optimize for speed against charge time (i.e. do you drive more slowly to reach a more distant, but faster, charging station or drive more quickly requiring that you stop sooner at a slower charging station).

Oops, replied to wrong thread... Sorry... B-)

I've started on one - still tuning it. Check it out at

Also have a "tracker" app that runs on your computer and logs actuals so that we can tune the algorithms. If you use the tracker, you'll be able to do a few cool reports we're working on, like showing your actual 0-60 time (actually, better to measure 1-61 time).

Tracker app beta at

Simple (alpha) acceleration report for my P85 at (to see for your car, you need to run the Tracker for a bit and collect data)

Actually, for the planner, this version (being designed for use in-car) is better:

Note that you enter points along the path one at a time rather than a start-finish as that lets you specify a multi-waypoint path

Cliff...I love your planner and used it this weekend with great accuracy for my longest trip yet. You should really contact Tesla about licensing the algorithms for use in the built in energy app or in-car nav. Thanks for your work on's my first bookmark!

@riceuguy - thanks...tried the Tracker yet?

@defmonk - we actually integrated with weather API, but wind is so localized that we're concerned it will actually make things less accurate! Also: it requires updating frequently (using in-car version above) and since we can't integrate (directly) with NAV since Tesla hasn't opened up API it is cumbersome. A mobile app might be the eventual solution...

@cliff - can't wait...

Cliff...not yet...I've only been home 5 of the days since picking up my car!

Does anyone know if this trip planner was ever perfected? All I get are error messages.

I just dropped an email to Cliff and asked him to check this thread.

@ThorensP - weird bug is only was an issue with the default route, if you had typed your start/endpoints in it would have worked. In terms of "perfecting" - it is within 5% most of the time if you put in proper estimated speed and take into account significant winds if any. Many folks report they've used it with good success. I use it with success as well...but, in the end, if you're not pushing the limits I find that planning on 345 Wh/mi (P85 with 21" wheels) is good for budgetary purposes.

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