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Very long run on electricity.

I have an idea how to make the long drive Model S for Electricity. I plan to use the power of resistance of the air flow, which occurs when driving a car. Do you think that is possible?

I think it is possible.

Perpetuum mobile doesn't work. Your very idea has been discussed here:

How can you tell a crazy person with a crazy idea?

When they answer their own question and confirm that the impossible is possible!

This is not a perpetual motion machine! This is a special generator that produces energy from the air!

A wind turbine on a moving vehicle works if the source of the moving air is natural wind. A wind turbine on a moving vehicle does not work if the source of the moving air is the motion of the vehicle, if you try the drag created by the turbine will always be more then the power created and the system will result in a net loss of energy.


That's a perpetual motion machine. Let's look at it. You put power into the car to move it forward. Let's assume the wind is not blowing today. You go 60 mph and the wind seems to be blowing over the car at 60 mph. The car has to use power to fight it's way through the wind. Now let's put a turbine or other way of capturing energy from the air flow. It does indeed generate energy. It also increaces the drag on the car. The power the generator puts out is caused by turning the wind energy into electrical energy. Because of losses in the turbine and it's conversion into electricity, then putting it back into the battery, then back into the motor to power the car forward would result in massive loss of range. Roughly the maximim energy you could possibly hope to ever recoup is 80%. In reality, it's a lot less. So you'd be DECREACING your mileage and range by a minimum of 20% even with great engineering.

Anton999 - if you put a very large, ultra-lightweight sail on your Model S, and painted the sail black on one side and white on the other, you could get some infinitesimal forward thrust from the Sun's photons hitting the sail. Other than that you're SOL.

Of course it wouldn't work out here in Seattle nine months of the year. 8-(

All that needs to be said is...... there is a reason people like Elon make the big bucks and people like Anton999 don't :-)

+1 Sudre - lol
Apoogies to Anton999


Apoogies sounds more interesting!

Simply way to think: Follow the path of the energy, and remember that no conversion of energy is never perfect.

So you start with:

battery - turbine - kinetic energy of the air against the car which is relative to kinetic energy of the car - motor - battery.

You are back where you started from, which means you just lost some energy. If the energy is originating from the same place where you are trying to add it it will never work.

Thing that could work:

Battery - solar panel - Sun radiation.

What we need is lots of solar panels and wind farms and highways that charge electric cars as they drive over them.

I'm like 99% sure Anton999 is just trolling you guys

Do two negatives attract?
"no conversion of energy is never perfect."
"conversion of energy is never perfect." or
"no conversion of energy is ever perfect."

Maybe he meant "all conversions of energy are always perfect". Eureka! It is possible!


Energy in > energy out. Entropy in < Entropy out. Enjoy!

Air resistance when passing front of the car will be higher than after a power generation systems.
Imagine now, if you keep foxes iron perpendicular to the wind, you'll feel pressure on him. And if in the same way to pick up a truncated cone, without the basics, hold on to the power of these two items will be carved. Frontal area of ​​these items have to beat the same.

Gee, you sound just like spambot software! I wonder why that is? Could it be ... ??

So it seems, because I translate words in the online translator. According to this, there are some mistakes and failures in my proposals.

But you look like a piece of iron. Maybe you should think about?

But with I would like to talk in more detail on this fact, as you seem to have an engineering background.


Ви розмовляєте англійською мовою?

Так, я розмовляю англійською, але не дуже гарно. Саме тому використовую перекладач.

Anton999, believe what I and jbunn wrote. It's not possible because of very fundamental law of physics, namely first and second laws of thermodynamics.

We can't create energy any more than we can destroy it. We can only convert it from one form to another. Conversion is never perfect.

Yes, Timo, I totally agree with you. But by my calculations, it turns out that the conversion of wind flow can charge the battery car. And the wind pressure to the front of the car bude not much, but still less than the conventional design.

Then your calculations have an error in them. What that error is is impossible to tell without seeing the reasoning and those calculations. Perhaps you are not counting in the effect of the air behind the turbine (and the car).

Only way for that to work is that it somehow improves the aerodynamics of the car and that is very unlikely.

Your calculations (or intuition I suspect) are flawed.

You can equip your car with a wind turbine and generate electricity from it, but that would increase the drag of the car and ultimately be pointless, cost money, and even counter intuitive due to losses (heat generation) in a lot of areas.
It is easier to just decrease the drag of the car by making it smaller or more aerodynamic.

Your suggestion made me laugh though, so thank you!

Error is unlikely, because my device can generate power from a weak wind flow, while driving a car 40 km \ h.

That's not any kind of proof of it working. That was like saying that blowing at the fan fan generates power. Of course it generates power. Does it generate net energy? Does it take more power to move the car with it that without the device?

This means that the force of drag car almost unchanged.

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