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What full-charged range you can get on MS60 now with 5.8 firmware ?

Just curious. Since my 40/60 only gets 128 miles when fully charging with 5.8 firmware, it makes me to consider upgrading to 60.

198 with 13000 miles on the car at full range charge.

205 with 5,500 miles on full range charge.

201 w/ close to 10K miles.

202 w/ more than 9K miles.

You get the same range you always did, now it just estimates it differently.

My 40/60 now reports 135, previously 141.

More important Vincent is has your average watt/mile gone up?

If not then it's all just software updates not really your range. I finally just set my car to Ideal. I've been driving long enough that I just know what range I will make looking at the average watt/mile based on how much charge I have.

Mine actually increased slightly to 208 with the latest update and I am at about 8k miles...

208 at 10k. Range charged first time last sat.

200 with 22k miles.

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