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when will the battery swap be available?

when will the battery swap be available?
I stopped at the super charger in Barstow last week. It was great, but the chargers were in the back of a parking
lot all by them selves. I thought there's no place for a battery swap here. So does anyone know where and when?

If you keep the swap, TM bills you for the difference in battery pack value.

Anyone suggesting the battery swap demo was faked is an idiot and should go join the "Moon landing was faked" club.

I was there in the front row. I personally watched the same battery I've seen in person at several SCs get removed from the bottom of the car and then watched a battery go back in and the car drive off. I can't prove it was a different battery (irrelevant), but that's about it.


PD, could you contact me by mail? I'm new to the forum and don't see an option to do private messages.


Sorry for the previous message. My address is

That all those things technically work is proven... The Renault Fluence with thousands of cars in Israel and Denmark and a swap station in Amsterdam for taxi's.

but also is proven that it failled, but that has no technical reason, also other problems you read here are not addressed.

the main reason was that you could only chose for a Renault Fluence, if they made a standard for swapping and more cars were involved there was a better change of succes.
other reason can be the demand, lot of people are not interested in swapping. (I don't know why)

the advantage of swapping is the availability (chargepoints are not always available, maybe superchargers are, but what if there are more Tesla's )?
the charge speed can be managed and regulate from 1 point, charging can slow down if there is less demand.

another problem, charging in the streets at public points can be a problem if 40% of the car owners would have an electric vehicle, electricity companies cannot yet handle that, that's proven.

believe me, superchargers in the future maybe accepted by pleasuredrivers, not business men and hasty people in this busy and rapid society.

It seems the main difficulty in swapping, aside from the need for heavy-weight handling equipment, is the reconnection of the battery coolant tubing to an external heat dissipation system. Is this true?

Perhaps a self-contained heat dissipation and sealed coolant system (similar to the fluid cooling in computers) would simplify and speed up the swapping procedure.

It's here. In limited/Beta form.

I think before people start spouting off about the disadvantages/advantages of a battery swap, we should first wait for the blog that Elon announced. These battery swapping stations can not be cheap to build, so it will be interesting to see what the cost for this convenience will be.

When the battery-swap concept first surfaced, the cost mentioned was something like $70-$80 if you swapped your own battery back in on the return trip, more if you didn't. I haven't seen the dollar amounts lately.

Pegged at the cost of a premium fillup of 15 gal, locally.

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