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Where to see Model X prototype?

I just wonder if anyone happens to see Model X prototype in any of Tesla's showroom or factory. I have put in my reservation for the vehicle, but would like to admire its prototype design.

I believe the Detroit Auto Show had one.

Supercharger station in Hawthorne,CA has a prototype. You cannot open it. It just has a styrofoam interior. It looks pretty close to a BMW X6


Could you explain us why you booked a model X? I méandres what is the elements which push you to book one.


Hawthorn has a real Model X - and a styrofoam one too. Saw it in person tonight at the battery swap demo. Way cool. Put in a reservation for one to add to the tesla fleet at my house.

We should be manipulated by gasoline price.

Sorry. We should not be manipulated by gasoline price.

Hi. Where and when is one Model X to be seen in Norway?

Last place spotted: TESLIVE. The Detroit Auto Show version (white with black and white interior) was on display at the factory party last Saturday night.

@bonnie1194 | JULY 20, 2013: Last place spotted: TESLIVE.

Yes, it was brought in from LA just for the party.

Don't know where I got the "LA" thing from. All I know is that it was transported to the party.

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