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Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

There is a website that collects this information and presents it in a Google map:

Currently, Roadster owners and Model S reservation holders are mixed together, but at least the data is available. @LottDenn, maybe you want to contact Tom, maintainer of the website. Contact information is in this thread:
("private", i.e., reservation holders and owners only)

Thanks GoTeslaChicago and brianman. I will call today to see if I can get on the list for Thursday's preview.


Canadian #P179, Montreal, Quebec

P #1649

Cheney, WA

& Desert Hot Springs, CA

That's why I want rapid charging from Washington through California.

Also everywhere else, but the above first.

Canadian S58, Montreal, Qc

P#2222 - San Jose, CA

Canadian P157, Ile Bizard, Quebec.

P903, Boston, MA

EU P299 I think. I didn't get a number in e-mail when I reserved, and it disappeared from the My Tesla page long time ago.
My Tesla will reside in Oslo, Norway.

Sig #371, Austin, TX

Signature # 556
Gualala, CA

p#250 (EU) - Bærum, Norway

P171 (EU) - Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

Miami, FL Sig 92

USA Signature # 267 - Redmond, Washington

P457 - Weston, CT

Cazenovia, NY - P3139

Sig# 280 - Lithia, FL

I will be at tesla in oakbrook on thursday-sig 587

P1577 (Maybe a sig?): Smithfield, VA (Home of the ham!)

P #2868 Camano Island, WA summers, Sun Lakes, AZ winters

@Todd Burch -- if you want a Signature, best to decide quickly; there are 840 Signature reservations (S + SSL), and they're selling at about 4 per day. Sooo...likely sold out of the US Signature series by the middle of December.

S69. Orillia, ON, but a lot of time in Charlotte, NC. The "commute" will be interesting since I know of no chargers scheduled for my route.

Come on cerjor, you can afford a Sig. Plus, they should have the electric highway finished by next year and you'll be able to drive the Sig to Arizona!


I can't commit without more details!! I really only need the 230mi pack so it all comes down to pricing.

Scottsdale, AZ

S512 Parker CO

San Juan Capistrano, CA Sig 607

S507. Tiburon, CA

P1675 - worcester, MA.

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