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Who knew? Estonia has the only country wide, fast charging network in the world!

Just found out that Estonia has the only country wide, fast charging network in the world and subsidies up to 18000 Euros (23000 USD)for EV's!

Is Tesla going to have any stores there?

It sounds impressive, but that doesn't strike me as that hard when the total area of the entire country is the equivalent of 132 mi x 132 mi... If you put them in a 50 mile radius of each other you'd only need like 9 or 10 of them!

True, though the number cited is 165 fast chargers every 40 miles. Read the article, is pretty interesting, according to it Estonia is the second country with the most EV's per capita after Norway. Like you said it is all relative because of the size of the population and the country itself, plus looks like 90% of the cars are government owned. Still, looks like the country is really interested in promoting EV's and EV technology.

I don't think Tesla Motors would have to invest that much to get a good return for its investment. Just saying, maybe it is worth checking it out.

Each 1-car charger is counted as one, so by that standard TM has installed about 25 or 30.

Most SC are in California, which is 9.37 times the size of Estonia ( Estonia has almost 6 times the amount of supercharges that Cali has in an area which is 1/9th the size of Cali. By those standards the area and population covered are lot better than California's supercharger network (currently the biggest in America).

My point is not to compare or critizise the size or merits of TM's supercharger network in America (TM is doing a great job so far, especially if you take into account that they only began building the SC network just a few months ago), the point here is that there is more than enough infrastructure available in Estonia for EV's right now, which, in addition to the huge incentives, shows interest within that country to promote EV's, so Tesla might want to look into this market and its possibilities. MHO

CHAdeMO chargers are indeed fast-charge DC units, but they are half or less as powerful as SuperChargers, and far more complex and expensive.

Brian, I know SC are very cheap for various reazons and because the chargers used in the stations are the same as the once inside the Model S. I'm not challenging the merits of the Tesla Superchargers or advocating for a charging technology in particular. I'm only trying to point out that Estonia is avery EV friendly country, and therefore maybe TM should check out if it is a good and viable option to enter this market in the near future.

I do live in Estonia, drive a Leaf today, but have reserved a Model S end of last year. The charging network works very fine, but I barely need it as the country is so small. Fast majority charges their cars at home or at work with normal charger. I think Tesla has done it very correctly in US by locating chargers on commuting routes. Home charging is clearly enough for daily driving, superchargers you only need on longer highways between the cities. Tesla will have their best days after couple of years when the new brand has proven to be of good quality. It's an expensive car and the change for the people who can afford it would mean giving up well known quality German brands built over decades. Government got 500 Mitsubishi Imevs with barter deal against the pollution rights. Unfortunately Imev is really not the car to build EV image in the country. Way too many compromises to be made with this car. Altough Leaf looks strange, without any exception all my friends liked how it drives. I agree with EV owners in this forum, after almost a year with Leaf, that ICE feels really yesterday. The car itself I can buy wherever in EU, but I do hope that Tesla puts up here a service possibilty which is closer than 17 hour ferry trip to Stockholm.

Tesla Model S in Europe is not yet ready for Chademo charging. What other charging standards are available in this network in Estonia? I am thinking of a vacation in Estonia during the summer this, because of the possible great charging for my Tesla Model S.

These chargers have also type 2 3x32A, meaning 22 kW if you have dual chargers. One session is max 2 hours. According to Tesla EU CHAdeMO adapter comes in April, so well before summer. You should contact to find out how foreigners can charge. If not easy, I will help out a fellow Tesla owner:) Just needs an SMS to start the charging, but you have to be registred beforehand. You can also rent a Leaf 3 EUR/ hour or 30 EUR / day unlimited charging included. Welcome! If more info needed, mail me:

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