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Why Tesla does not sell seat covers?

I work on the road so i spend a lot of time working and eating (and sometimes sleeping) in my car. Why Tesla sells floor mats and car covers but not seat covers? Has anyone found a good quality seat covers for their Model S? I'm in desperate need of getting one before my front seats get dirty and worn out from getting in and out of the car more than a dozen times a day.

Wet Okele makes seat covers for the Model S. I have the front seat covers installed with the rear covers to be installed in a week or so. They had to use my car to make a pattern for the rear seat. They had the pattern for the front seats from another Model S owner. They are in Costa Mesa, CA. Their URL is

I just ordered from them as well. Note you have to type "tesla" into the search box, it doesn't appear in their car list yet

Thanks for the info Pnlyee & Wildcatzoo!

Thanks for the info, I've been looking for options as well.

I use to have the Wet Okele seat covers on one of my past cars (which had developed really bad crack in the leather). They were fantastic seat covers, and really didn't look like seat covers, but rather new seats.
Plus you can likely have them customized to match the interior perfectly.

I just ordered, i'll let you know how it is.

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