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Yes it works

When you post an item in another forum and choose the Tesla Bulletin Board, your message will be posted there. As long as it works and isn't removed by the IT guys ...

For Tesla:
Clarification: when you post new topic in any of the other areas you have a screen with drop-down selector where you can select this place (or any other).


This forum should be a source of official TM postings, only.

Hi Tesla Enthusiasts

The Tesla Bulletin Board is for official communications only. We welcome all of your thoughts, comments, and concerns in any of our other forums.

Thanks for your understanding.

Nick Kinkaid
Director of Online Experience

hey Nick, we could use some more functionality to the forum... lets say Edit button :)

@Nick Kinkaid, That dropdown still has that possibility. I think that initial new topic post in "bulleting board" was genuine accident, and as long as that possibility is there there will be more of those accidents. You will need to remove that from the dropdown.

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