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As you know Tesla has the ability to remotely disable your car and I saw their factory software engineers nearly do it...

Tesla does have the ability to disable your car. I was recently at an overnight corporate event with a bunch of SpaceX and Tesla staffers and execs and in a drunken after hours party the SpaceX exec (VP) asked this question about his car to a present Tesla Software engineer. Not only did he remotely access the car, but he was able to spy on the location of the VP's girlfriend who was using the car in his absence. He offered the exec to kill the cars power in the driveway so she couldn't use it anymore, but there was some pain in the ass battery issue they didn't want to deal with to get the car going again (involved getting it towed). SO...Tesla does have the ability to stop your car and the children that both work for Tesla and SpaceX screw around with this feature during drunken escapades.

I have to say I was highly disappointed with the level of professionalism displayed by Elon's middle through upper level management at both SpaceX and Tesla. It was interesting to watch the working level engineers draw all over the VP's face with a Sharpie when he passed out on the floor. I am questioning the future of both of these companies. There is no possible way they can sustain growth and maturation when their foundation is so completely immature. I know the names of all present and it's a who's who of their corporate and tech leadership structure.

Work hard, play hard?

Alcohol makes people do stupid things. Executives are not immune to that. Probably had an open bar - always risky.

I agree everyone should "Work hard, play hard", but there is more at stake here. These guys were crossing that line and bringing product safety into it. The second I saw the laptop come out and the dashboard they use to monitor and update Tesla's, I grew concerned these guys didn't know where the line was. They treated the whole scenario like a college prank, and trust me I've been involved in my fair share of those.

Do you have any evidence to support your incredible claims? I'm sure there is a way to disable the car remotely, they've been able to do that to cars since the 80s. Besides that, your post sounds like something pulled out of your ass. Were you the philosopher at the shareholder meeting? Did they not call you back about being the new chairman?

All else aside, this is highly irrelevant, because the owner of the vehicle in question was present and part of the conversation. Also, they did not follow through on disabling the car.

Recommendation for trying this next time. When you go to the cliche bit about drawing on the passed out guy's face with a sharpie, you took the tale a little too far and tripped people's internal B.S. detector. Funny-ish, though.

I hope Tesla has the ability to disable MS remotely! Next time somebody steals the car, the cops will be smart enough to call the company to safely slow and shut down the car before somebody gets killed.

You are all funny. Its not BS and Mark Juncosa is the execs name. I guess none of it matters. I just thought it was an interesting tale to share with the fans of this company and it's culture. He had a pretty solid dick drawn on his face and responded with a nice "F*Ck, F@&K!" as he was awoken by the felt on his forehead. The pictures exist, but they aren't worth sharing since they will just be met with a bullshit response anyway.

Thanks for your post. If true, there is some reason for concern. Otherwise, it's just nonsense. You have not provided any real evidence (other than just throwing out a name) - and given the extensive effort by ICE/Big-Oil against tesla, alternative energy, etc... we must remain skeptical of your post.

I accept the inherent skepticism. I only made this post after long internal conflict. I am not big oil, not automotive, and not against tesla. I just feel a company trying to create a paradigm shift should be less publicly reprehensible. Trust me I enjoyed the free drinks and raw conversation, but really there is no room for this kind of conduct in public view. It's a PR nightmare and blatant disrespect for Elon and the organization.

First, if true, the person lying passed out on the floor needs help for serious alcohol problem.

The folks who drew/wrote on his face were the same people who looked the "other way" at best when the Nazis came for the homosexuals, then the disabled, then the Jews, and then anybody they felt was different.

That this event happened at a corporate function leaves the corporate sponsors open to legal action that could be very costly to settle. After the litigation their insurance carrier will dramatically increase their rates.

I'm done ranting and appalled that no previous post made these points.

"Well, that escalated quickly."

I was not expecting this thread to get to Godwin's Law.

If the owner of the car was present, then they had access to that individual car using his own phone app. Nothing really mysterious in that. All required access levels completed.


Thanks for the comment, I never took the time to Google Godwin's Law previous to your post. I rarely comment on forums but my days as an Assistant Hospital Director of a psychiatric hospital compelled me to offer my views on the events described.

I agree the Nazi reference is too commonly made on the Internet.

I'll rephrase the second paragraph.

The folks who drew/wrote on his face were the same people who looked the "other way" at best when Sen. Joe McCarty was "witch-hunting" homosexuals, caused the blacklisting of many great writers as Communists and destroyed the careers of many honorable officials at the State Department and in the US Army.

Or should I simply state that it appears they are enabling this young man's self-destructive behavior.

"Hi yes we as a corporate sponsor of Tesla motors would like to sue Tesla because of a story we read on the internet from enginerd78"

Just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it's true. Let's try to get a grip on reality.

@MagiKool, yeah, I just had to say that, but I do get where you are coming from. If this is true, it might not be that far fetched. Young smart engineer types getting a lot of money and success too quickly and letting it go to their heads and being immature? That is very plausible. A lot of tech startup companies have had this problem with their founders where they got a lot of investor capital and felt that they were rich genius celebrities.

I'm not going to spend a lot of my time worrying about it because I don't know if it's true, but if it is, I will hope they can keep it under control. The thing is, there are a lot of people who drink a lot at late night parties and get kind of out of hand, but they live fairly normal responsible lives at work.

Where / when was the party? Why were you invited? I know usually after a company's holiday party the HR complaints skyrocket (no pun intended). I'm sure said incident would be internally investigated if you provided a date, time, and location of this supposed transgression.


Post a pic to prove you were at some anonymous party with a bunch of Space X and Tesla Motors execs or you're just another low life, h8tr troll in here badmouthing Tesla Motors with yet another trumped up story.

Put up or shut up!

Well, I witnessed this on May 16th in Michigan at a SpaceX/Tesla sponsored event that was also sponsored by several other automotive manufacturers ("Big" 3) and suppliers. It occurred in a common area of a hotel filled with families on vacation and event attendees from all facets of the automotive arena. It is an SAE organized event held every year and a recruitment ground for them. I am a key member of the event and as such will not share my personal information.

I personally have no issue with Tesla or SpaceX and I admire their work. There is no value in sharing pictures. I was just alarmed by the activities of these individuals. Call it what you will. It happened and the only desire I have is for someone at Tesla to read this and be considerate of their surroundings before they act this way. People are watching Tesla. They want to know what they will do next. They are investing in them. And surely they could use an event like this to hurt them.

Interestingly, I believe the Tesla/SpaceX employees in attendance enjoyed the fact that they could foot the alcohol bill. It was almost like they were showing all the other automotive industry folks that they work for a company that has $$$ to burn.

interesting. the sharpie drawing on the face is common at other (foreign) car company parties i cannot mention.

@enginerd78 | JULY 25, 2014"
"I witnessed this on May 16th in Michigan at a SpaceX/Tesla sponsored event that was also sponsored by several other automotive manufacturers ("Big" 3) and suppliers. ... I believe the Tesla/SpaceX employees in attendance enjoyed the fact that they could foot the alcohol bill. It was almost like they were showing all the other automotive industry folks that they work for a company that has $$$ to burn."

I'm disappointed by this behavior too. Such public displays of arrogance are never appropriate.
I apologize on behalf of the many responsible Tesla employees and Tesla owners.

FYI, I've ordered a Tesla MS; I own TSLA stock; I support Elon Musk's mission; and I admire his bold leadership.

Ron :(

Shucks! The shareholders need the laced-up buttoned-down execs that drove GM and Chrysler to bankruptcy!

p.s. Those are pretty hard accusations against a person for who you provide first and last name, but no evidence.

Hmmm... Maybe it's a California thing? Most everyone I know here has a hard and fast rule for parties... The first one to pass out gets dealt with...

Now, I don't drink, and everyone who knows me understands that I absolutely will NOT stand for hazing of any sort -- tradition be damned. But practical jokes, from Sharpie on the face, to Hot Sauce on the lips, to Shaving Cream in the palm of the hand are all standard issue at parties and get-togethers here among drunks.

Is it juvenile? Sure.

Do I care? Not really.


Pics, or it didn't happen!

Not the party, not the industry insiders, the so-called remote hacking part.

Pics, or it didn't happen making this just you're talking out of your a$$.

I thought they wanted to disable the VP's car that was used by the girlfriend. His car, he can do what he wants. If someone somehow managed to steal my car, I would want Tesla to be able to stop the vehicle, and track it down. Just my two cents.


Yes, in THAT context it makes sense and is quite reasonable.

I believe that it was enginerd78's effort to paint the technological feature in a sinister light which, coupled with their contentious tone & the implication that Tesla would utilize it in a mischievous or spiteful manner, all served to mischaracterize what is, inherently, a beneficial feature.

There are a number of automotive manufacturers today that employ a remote location/immobilization feature as part of their vehicle's protection/security package that a good many consumer/auto owner have found, on more than one occasion, a blessing.

This all leads me to consider the possibility that enginerd78 is but another troll.

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