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2nd Row Captain Chairs

Greetings from a very happy Model S P85 owner (17,000 miles), and Signature Reservation holder (#1010)for the Model X.

We all tend to develop strong preferences about various features. I have driven nothing but large SUVs but made an exception for the Model S. However, I will be happy to replace it with the Model X because comfortable as the Model S is to sit in - it is always a chore to climb in and climb out - hence my preference for larger SUVs. I'm 6' 2" and weight 220 lbs. Maybe its my age! (55)

Anyway, another VERY strong preference for me is to have 2nd-Row Captain Chairs. It is a cinch for 3rd-row passengers to get to their row and it is very comfortable for the 2nd-row passengers. I have refused to have any other configuration in my Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade, and Lincoln Navigator. For my family, it is the ideal, and it is the only way to go.

Obviously my desire to enjoy the Model X exceeds my exceeding distaste for a 2nd-row that is a bench instead of captain chairs. It's the price of being an early adopter.

But I thought I would lob this topic in from the cheap seats (pun intended) in hopes that 2nd-Row Captain Chairs might someday be an available configuration in the Model X.

I see this as an option in the Model X redesign (in 3-5 years), although I agree that it should be available sooner than later.

I hope we are both surprised that when the configuration is available that we see Captains Chairs.

I'd be down for those as well. Count my vote!

Are they compatible with headrests and shoulder straps? Pix.

Captains Chairs would allow for cupholders, map pockets, foot rest reclining, and possibly an integrated lift up/fold out table top for each chair. That would be nice.

I would love to see this option as well.
And a removable third row please (or at least fold very flat into the floor)

I think someone mentioned that to Elon once. He said it could certainly be possible to have a removable third row. Though he did comment it would make for a rather expensive van.


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