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3D printing small parts for Tesla Model S

I've replaced many plastic and other material parts on my cars by modeling and 3D printing with my Replicator 2 from MakerBot. Timewise, not a cost savings, but fun and a glimpse of the future perhaps. Most recently printed for a Porsche 966TT (a friends) spoiler actuator part (that is unavailable without purchasing the entire device ($$$)).

Thingiverse 3D printing project site posting:

It would be great if Tesla jumped out in front of all the other manufacturers and set up a site with all the potentially 3D print replaceable parts for their vehicles. Perhaps they could sell the files for $1-5 each, or just make them freely downloadable. The project above would have been much easier if I could have avoided the CAD modeling (time consuming).

I think this would unleash a massive amount of free advertising for Tesla (not that they have any shortage of media coverage right now).

Waiting for my 85/performance plus/black/black/carbon fiber/21" grey wheels/tech/pano/rear seats hopefully early August.

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