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Adding a Photo to Thread

How do you add a photo to the body of a message.

Copy paste doesn't work for me.


Use the HTML tag "img". E.g.:
<img src="web URL here" height="pixel size" width="pixel size">

The web URL must be to an image on a hosted site, like imageshack or Flickr, or similar. Height and width are optional.


I am informed it's only necessary to specify height or width, and the other will be adjusted proportionately. About width="500" is about max for this forum.

Thanks for the info.

I'll probably not add photos. I've been on other forums that require photos to be uploaded to a photo sharing site then tagged to be inserted. It's just to much trouble.

Not sure what you mean by tagged. Insert the URL from the context (right-click) menu "Save Image Location".

Brian H, I get it using the URL. It's just a PIA to upload a photo then find it on the photo sharing site to copy the URL to insert. I'm basically lazy, but at least I know how to do it so if I'm inspired it will get done.

Thanks for your help.

My solution (thank you Amazon!) was a 6 pound tool balancer for only $55. Took less that an hour to install. I also used Velcro wire wraps instead of cable ties so the entire cord can be removed in a few seconds. Works perfect ever time.

Here is the link:

@Revscott... wrong thread?

I have an Apple computer, can some help me to put a photo on the forum. The February 10 post above by Brian means nothing to me.

Okay, let's see if this works...

From my g+ post
I left-clicked on the image preview to open the image, then left-clicked and selected "Copy image URL", then pasted it in between "".

If this DOES work, it'll be the first time I've been able to place an image in a post here. The process seems familiar, as if it's something I haven't had to do in 10 years...

I mean seriously, such an advanced company yet such backward and spammable forums. I know a great IT guy who can fix this, if anyone's listening.

AHA! Thank you Brian H.

But the text I placed in the middle of the code disappeared, replaced by a broken image symbol, which I guess was to be expected.

Let's see what happens when I break the code up vertically:

img src=


When not broken up, that one should work like this:

...And here's the corresponding+ post:

...add width=600 and it will fit the thread

That didn't work...

Need more practice..

It was the silly Ipad...

To display the angle brackets in a post, without having HTML treat them as tag markers, use (no spaces) & lt ; and & gt ;

Here, let me give it a try:


the link works, but how do I get it to display in the thread.

Put it in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

Flickr is tricky. You have to find the allowed download URL.


Thanks Brian H, I finally got it.

Doesn't require a vetted site for the hosted image; I just use my own domain. >img src="" width=500< yields

Make that <img src="" width=500>

Yes, it just has to be a web-accessible URL. Meaning you can't upload directly from your own computer.


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