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Another Carolina model S!

Took delivery of my 85 P+ last week. Enjoying the experience. Installed an HPC charger behind my office in Winston-Salem that is open and listed on PlugShare for those of you coming through NC. I look forward to meeting other owners and extending my road trips - two 230+ / one charge trips the first week. Sweet!

Nice to hear. Just got my 85kwh today. So far I love it. May see you down there as I live in Martinsville VA, and my daughter finished college at WSSU and still lives down there. Enjoy.

Taking delivery in North Carolina must be especially sweet, given last June's victory by Tesla (and free enterprise) over the North Carolina Automobile Dealers’ Association.

Wolfpack Red?

Mhotep, when you come to WS charge up on me! Good restaurants within walking distance: West End Cafe, Old 4th St Filling Station, Mozelles, Cafe Prada...

Velo1, a shade darker than my Duke blue (classes of '75 and '80!) - John


I live in Raleigh, but have a condo and teach at the School of the Arts in WS. I'll try to come by with my P85 this week. My condo is on W 5th St, not far from you.

Jay Gallagher

Okay will do. Whats your specialty? I'm Physical Medicine and Rehab. Sorry but only one shade of Blue in NC and that is Carolina Blue.

At Drwarren - State class of '77 and '80. Now in Colorado, and I, too have the dark blue (early adopter before red). Enjoy

Congrats Drwarren. enjoy your new MS. I've had mine for just under a year with almost 12k. I grew up in Charlotte, but always been a Carolina Blue fan. My brother is a Wolf pack. (although I went to Davidson College).

Glad to hear there is another Carolina Model S on the road. I grew up in Winston and now live in Charlotte but still have family there and come often. Had my S for about a year and it is remarkable. Charging options in WS are limited so I may look you up over the holidays and would be glad to return the favor if you are in Charlotte. Regards. Scott Vaughn

Pettifogger, yes! A sweet victory for free enterprise in NC. And especially sweet given that our state legislature seems determined to return us to the dark ages and drag us back to the days of Jim Crow and Jessie Helms. Regards!

JayBoy, great to meet you today. Sorry I was running between appointments but I'm glad you discovered where my HPC is available to other TESLA owners. My email is Drop me a line and we'll get together for a coffee or tequila. J

Mhotep. My specialties (over-educated idiot that I am) are clinical psychology, family medicine, and psychiatry. After a Duke undergrad and PhD, and years of practice in clinpsych I returned to undergrad and grad school and added a PA-C credential. I work 1/2 day a week in a clinic where we still do OB/deliveries and everything else through the lifespan. I see a fair share of psych med patients but most of my psych is forensic, medico legal, and police psych. Back channel me at my email when you come to town! J

Thanks for the note, jchangyy. I couldn't get in at Davidson, congrats. And to make things worse my mo, fa, and bro are all Carolina grads.

Velo1, NC is still a great place, notwithstanding our high profile, low brow legislature of the moment. One of my buds just relocated to Denver, and I'm looking forward to a trip there soon. Thanks for your post!

Scott P, you are more than welcome to use my HPC. It is open access during weekday evenings and weekends. If you need more info than is on PlugShare just drop me an e-

Gracious offer, thank you drwarren. Hello from chapel hill! great to see the numbers grow here. I gather over 100.

John I may drop by on Sunday when I am in WS to check it out. Thanks. Scott

Welcome drwarren from Chapel Hill (as well). We plan to head to Graylyn for a get-away in Winston sometime in '14... so might take you up on your offer!

If you find yourself in the Triangle area we are installing a Level 3 DC Fast Charger at our facility in Pittsboro, on 15-501 by hwy 64. Great feeder route into Raleigh/Cary from points west. Waiting on equipment, but it will be in in Jan/Feb.

It will be CHAdeMO, so soon I will have a level three that we cannot currently use. Looking forward to the (imminent) release of the CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla.

ScootP and Blathering1, please do! Listed on PlugShare now as public, with a pic. John

Great to see all this NC activity even if y'all don't know whom to root for!

Coming Soon. Model S M Grey 85k. Feb Late delivery.
Replacing my 2 year old Leaf. N. Wilkesboro.

University of Korea 1951-55
Major. Navel Mine Warefare

Welcome all!
Been smile'n in Cary since September P20242
I'm usually at Cars-n-Coffee first Saturday of the month at Waverly Place (Tryon and Kildare Farm Road in Cary). Blue S85, stop by and say hi.

Just to add some more college rivalry...
ChE Pitt `85


You're in Chapel Hill? Are you the tanish MS I saw near Whole Foods?

Was glad to see through PlugShare that 'Charlie' was able to find and use the HPC behind my office this weekend! Also, have updated my username from my email address.

@JW. I'm surprised to hear that you didn't get in to Davidson. I think Duke is harder to get in. I was wait listed and chose Davidson in the end.

Some day, I'd like to take a cross country trip to Davidson and the surrounding area with my MS from San Jose, CA. that would be awesome.

Jchangyy, I believe the XC trip you aspire to will be do-able sooner, rather than later. As more owners like me make their HPCs available to travelers, followed closely by the supercharger infrastructure, it's right around the corner!

NoMoGas, thanks for posting. I'm in Cary (from Winston-Salem) for work a couple of times a month and look forward to comparing notes on blue model Ss. I'll gracefully bow out of the school colors dialog - shouldn't have started it. :)

Offices at 840-846 W. 4th Street

My plug share info above, always available evenings and weekends in Winston-Salem, other times with some heads up.

For folks who can do the same let's pay it forward coast to coast.

Okay, muleferg, I'm intrigued:


You're in your late 70s (or a prodigy) and auto correct misspelled your major studies info, correct?

Welcome to this thread. You're going to really like your model S. Keep me, your Winston-Salem neighbor, up to date on the delivery.

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