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Anyone receive a car without the Tech Package yet?

If you have received a car without the Tech Package would you mind posting what kind of navigation system, if any, came with your car?

Tesla has said that without Tech there will be no GPS and the only "navigation" would be via static Google maps on the web browser (i.e. route guidance, not navigation). A recent report from someone about to configure, however, suggested that he was told non-Tech cars might come with Google maps with a GPS car location pointer on the 17" screen like on the Tech cars, but without the Navigon style turn-by-turn navigation in front of the driver. I'm trying to determine the truth of the matter.

It would also be interesting to hear your comments on the standard definition rear view camera. Thanks. - Taking delivery of a non-Tech Package at the San Diego service center, 1 pm Sunday, Dec. 23. Which thread would you like me to post on if someone else doesn't post first?


@stevenmaifert--Fantastic news! I'm very excited for you. Just 2 days away and in time for Christmas!

Please post your comments here if you don't mind. Possibly more folks interested in the topic would turn to this thread.

I am also very interested in hearing about this too. The price of the tech package is high, and all I really want out of it is Navigation.

Definitely interested in hearing about his too!

Okay guys and gals, just returned from taking delivery of a non-Tech Package S at the San Diego service center. Here's the scoop:

Navigation: The car has Google maps with a GPS car location pointer on the 17" Touch Screen... same as the Tech Package. The icon on the APPS bar is the same but says Map instead of Nav. You can still enter a location/destination and it will appear on the Google map. There just isn't any TBT Nav to get you there.

Standard definition back-up camera: Mine was the first non-Tech Package delivered by my DS. He said he couldn't tell the difference. I've never seen the HD, but the SD picture was perfectly clear.

Manual rear liftgate: Well balanced and easy to open and close. Once opened part way, it will go the rest of the way by itself.

Convenience lighting: There's plenty of lighting inside the car when you open the door, including ambient, and there is a light on the underside of all four door handles. Honestly don't know what additional lighting the Tech Package provides.

Door handles: They do not extend as you approach with the FOB in your pocket, but two clicks on the top of the FOB and all four extend.

As for the Xenon headlamps, Electrochromatic side mirrors, LED foglights, and Homelink; they are all things I can live without and don't have an opinion. I drove home in daylight so didn't get to check out the Halogen headlights, but they came on when I entered my darkened garage and seemed plenty bright. The DRLs are cool too.

Great news. Exactly what I expected. Thanks for the update.

We get a map with our drawn path and a GPS arrow (or whatever) on the screen showing where the car is at.

Is it possible to get a back up camera without the tech package?

backup camera is stnadard

oops... standard*

Is it standard on a 60 kw?

@Abby - Yes. It comes standard with an SD back-up camera. You get the HD camera with the Tech Package.

I'm more concerned about tech features to come that may be inoperable without the tech package hardware. We'll see.

@Sudre_ - Sorry if I wasn't clear. When you enter a location address, the Google map will shift to show you where it is, but doesn't draw a driving directions line from your current location or give you written turn by turn directions. It does show distance from your current location to the address you enter. That distance appears to be as the crow flies versus surface street distance.


Re Door Handles:

Do the door handles extend if you press them or do you have to click the key fob to extend and retract the door handles?

Re Homelink

Have you verified that the icon is not present (Should be located next to your driver profile name)?


Solid roof or pano? Regarding rear headroom, that is.

Congrats stevenmaifert on receiving your Model s!

I glad someone stuck to their guns on not getting the tech package and didn't cave to peer pressure like I did. I came up with a whole list of reasons why the tech package was overpriced for me and I would't miss most of the published features. I held fast right up until I had to finalize and wimped out, rationalizing that I liked the fog lights and such nonsense.

There were so many on this forum that all but implied we would be idiots not to go with the tech package that these were the voices in my head as my finger hovered over the submit button.

In my defense, an asst mgr and the Dania Beach store did tell me that i wouldn't get GPS without the tech package. Sounds like he either misspoke or was misinformed. Oh well. I'll do everything thing in my power to get $3750 worth of enjoyment out of this package (driving along dark country roads, TBT to places I'm familiar with, open and close the hatch for no reason, etc..).

Anyway, enjoy your new ride and the contentment with knowing you didn't pay more than you wanted to.

BTW I have a e 350 that has xenon lights and remote entry...those are one of the best things I like and glad they have it on Tesla. Ya it is pricey but it something u use everyday. So I am going with it. Nice to get a comparison of what is in the non-tech package. If I was on a budget that is one of first things I would cut.

There's a reason that Tesla includes the rear view camera on all cars, including those without the tech package.

The Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007 mandates that cars produced after a certain date will have backup cameras, so all completely new car models are being introduced with this capability designed in. Rules issued in 2010 required that 100% of all cars built after 9/1/2014 have the cameras. In February 2012 the NHTSA delayed the planned implementation date due to technical questions. According to a report by the New York Times, backup cameras are currently standard on 45 percent of vehicles. The report also says the NHTSA committed to issuing final backup camera regulations by 12/31/12, so it should be any day now...

The proposed regulation says "When installed in a vehicle without any existing visual display screen, rearview video systems are currently estimated to cost consumers between $159 and $203 per vehicle, depending on the location of the display and the angular width of the lens. For a vehicle that already has a suitable visual display, such as one found in route navigation systems, the incremental cost of such a system is estimated to be $58 - $88, depending on the angular width of the lens." Our government at work - we can 'solve' rear view problems in cars but not the budget...

Steven, are the DRL LED or halogen? You got pictures of the DRL?


1) Door handles. With the car unlocked, each door handle will extend individually by touching it.
2) Homelink. Verified there is no house icon between the battery icon and the driver profile name.

@Big Tex - Solid body color roof. TM has made marginal improvement in rear seat headroom. I'm 6'0". The top of my head scrunched the headliner in a solid body beta. My rear seat headroom is a little better. My head still touches the headliner in the left and right rear seat. Not prohibitively uncomfortable, but I wouldn't want to ride very far on a bumpy road in those seats. The good news is my head doesn't touch at all in the center rear seat. Got maybe 1/2 inch to spare.

@iknowli - The DRLs are LED. They surround the outer edge of the headlamp unit:,

@stevenmaifert - Thanks enormously for taking the time to make such detailed and informative posts regarding the non-Tech features on the very day you got your car! This information is very valuable and until your report much of it was largely unknown. You have listed the mystery on a number of questions.

edit above post: listed --> lifted

It would be interesting to find out if (in the future) you could upgrade to some of the features via either retrofit or software. There has been quite a bit of speculation that the hardware for homelink, tbt nav etc is included on all Model S' and that Tesla merely turns off these options on the touchscreen. This was the case with the Roadster, and could quite possibly be the case for the non tech Model S. Interesting stuff!

@stevenmaifer Good stuff! Thanks so much for all the info and congratulations!

Thanks for the detailed info! I am disappointed about the auto-extending door handles and for now that is the only reason I would consider (and probably reject) the tech package. It feels like a downgrade from other smart key systems to actually have to press buttons on your key fob to get in your car.

@stevenmaifer--I understand that the door handles to not automatically extend but does the car automatically unlock as you approach with the FOB then permitting the handles to extend with a touch?

According to Tesla CA (Customer Advocate), the NAV in the tech package allows you to save the route so that you can use it in a non-3G area. When you enter a zone where there is no 3G, you will not be able to display the google map, and therefore the NAV is useful in this case.

I was told that the nav system was dvd based, and that is what the 7 years of free upgrades are about.


I would be very surprised is fhte Nav System was dvd based. I believe the "free" upgrades are either done OTA or when you bring your car in for service (yearly). I think it is HD based

I know that the rear hatch is manually opened without the tech package, does anyone know if you can still limit the height that it opens to without tech?

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