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Anyone receive a car without the Tech Package yet?

If you have received a car without the Tech Package would you mind posting what kind of navigation system, if any, came with your car?

Tesla has said that without Tech there will be no GPS and the only "navigation" would be via static Google maps on the web browser (i.e. route guidance, not navigation). A recent report from someone about to configure, however, suggested that he was told non-Tech cars might come with Google maps with a GPS car location pointer on the 17" screen like on the Tech cars, but without the Navigon style turn-by-turn navigation in front of the driver. I'm trying to determine the truth of the matter.

It would also be interesting to hear your comments on the standard definition rear view camera. Thanks.

Does the voice command feature work, or is that only with Tech package?

Every new question sends me out to the car, but that's okay. I'm learning along with you.

@youlikeadajuice - Manual rear liftgate. There are no adjustable mechanical stops that would limit the upward travel of the liftgate. Since the liftgate is attended by the person opening it, due caution by the operator will keep it from contacting anything above it. I have a roll-up garage door and I can still open the liftgate full travel without hitting the open garage door.

@pilotSteve - The voice command feature works without the Tech package. The commands associated with the TBT Nav are inop, but the map commands like "Where is (address) or (Starbucks) work, and the map will shift center and mark that location after the command is processed. Actually, if you say where is Starbucks, the map will populate with symbols showing the location of all the Starbucks within the selected viewing range along with their phone numbers, which the car will dial for you if you ask it to. The media and blue tooth phone commands all work too. "I understand that the door handles to not automatically extend but does the car automatically unlock as you approach with the FOB then permitting the handles to extend with a touch?"

Short answer - Yes, but only the driver's door handle.

Long answer - When I lock the car with the FOB, I hear a click. As I approach the locked car with the FOB in my pocket, I don't hear an unlock click, but touching the driver's door handle will cause all four doors handles to extend. I tried touching the other three door handles with the car locked but nothing happened. Touching the driver's door handle when the car is locked extends all four door handles, same as a double click on the top of the FOB.

@stevenmaifert--Once again huge thanks. Very informative. Not to have you rushing back to the car again but when you get around to it: Can you get the Google map to show charging stations in your vicinity somehow? Thanks.

@stevenmaifert...thanks! This is the best thread I've read in a while, lots of answers to questions I had been really interested in getting!

It looks like I won't be needing the tech package. But does this mean I will have to dig up the old clicker for my garage door? Both our Prius and 5 year old Honda Pilot have home link. It seems odd that this feature requires the tech package especially since the necessary hardware is built in.

Regarding the SD vs. HD backup camera there might be a significant difference in low light scenarios. The HD camera supposedly have extremely good low-light performance.

@stevenmaifert, thanks for the info. other questions

1) still don't get the convenience lighting difference betweeen Tech and non-tech: do you have reading lights inside the car, lights in the door handles when they extend?

2) what about memory seats with the Key Fob (not even sure it is reported to be functioning in Tech pack cars but asking anyway)

3) sorry for my ignorance but what is the difference between Xenon headlamps and non-Xenon?

4) another question is that you got the non-Tech package but you are connected to 3G???? I thought signature cars had the 1 year free but it seems it is all cars until TM figures out pricing. are you paying anything or using your phone over bluetooth?


3G is being included until Tesla can sort out their data package fees. They are estimating all delivered cars (non-sigs) should get about 3 months free data. I imagine that they will also have to enable WiFi before scrapping the free data program.


1) Yes. Reading lights come on when the door is opened as do lights in the door handles. The reading lights, front and rear, are push on, push off otherwise.

2) According to my DS, Tesla has dropped plans for the driver profiles to be tied to the key FOB for Tech, and non-Tech.

3) Xenon headlamps are just a different lighting technology than Halogen. I'm not very familiar with them, but I've heard they provide better illumination. Maybe someone could elaborate.

4) The deal with the 3G is as Electric Machete described. - I will check later today to see if charging stations are points of interest that can be called up on the
Google map.

if you don't have the tech package and want to find charging stations you should try a very good app.
the car should have home link- and that wasn't listed in the tech package features. It is the only tech package feature that I miss - Are charging stations points of interest that can be called up on the Google map?

Short answer - Yes.

Long answer - I entered "EV Charging Stations" as a search criteria. The map automatically zoomed out, and populated with A to Z markers for all the charging stations in Google's data base for the greater San Diego area. A box appeared on the screen listing by letter, the location name, address and distance from my current location. There was no info specifying the type of charging station, but you could use the Web APP to find that.

Thanks for the great info. Do you have any pictures of the front with the lights on by chance for comparison?

Yeah, the next big question is what features disappear if you don't pay the monthly connectivity fee (and what the charge will be).

@stevenmaifert--Thanks again. Your service to everyone, on Christmas day no less(!), is awesome. Big mahalo. Enjoy your car!

To be clear, all owners will receive base 3G connectivity for free, always, to allow for software updates. The packages to be announced are for premium features and phone requiring 3G connectivity that we will all be addicted to by spring....... simiiar to cocaine-addled rats.

Thank you for reviewing the non-tech lighting configuration. Which added lights are considered "convenience" lighting in the tech package?

Yes, but in the context of this discussion, without the 3G package will non-tech people lose google maps and then have no nav capability? One of the features of the tech nav is that the maps are offline.

With wifi soon to be operative, you should be able to tether from a cell phone.

Everyone will get 3 months of 3G as a "trial" regardless of when they get the car. If you don't either buy a package or tether to your cellphone or a MiFi hotspot after that, you will only have access to maps, etc when at a wifi hotspot such as your house as maps outside the tech package rely on the Internet connection.

So it drops a GPS pin on your location, but you can't get it to draw a route to your requested destination?


It should be able to do this right? This is just a simple software thing I assume? Maybe they'll update it. This is all the "navigation" I need, that's what I use on my phone, I never use the actual "turn by turn".

What about punching an address in to Google using the web browser? Should give you a written turn by turn, right?

@BigTex - Yes it does. The "Get Directions" function on the browser based Google maps works just like it does on any other Web enabled device. Since you can have two apps open at the same time on the touch screen, you could have the Maps app open to show your current location and the Web app open with the route drawn between A and B along with the written TBT directions. Because of the distraction factor, I wouldn't do this to navigate flying solo, but if you had a co-pilot along, it should be fine.

think I remember reading in the manual that you get memory seats only with leather.

Thanks for your input - this is a super informative thread, as I am on the brink of deciding in the next week or so to finallize my order. Can you please tell me if any of the following map websites provide directions? They should be html5 compatible and able to show your GPS location. Thanks in advance.

@Bradtc: I don't have my Tesla Model S yet (P8460) but I know tha the browser doesn't support GPS (geolocate) at the moment. Therefore, these web apps will not function unless Tesla enables this feature in the browser.

Perhaps you didn't read steven's note above that it does show his gps position in the google map, just not turn by turn directions. So, these map websites should show his position. It just depends upon they generate turn by turn directions. If it did that I don't need the tech package. Depending upon the coding of the website, HTML5 browsers are capable of gps coordinates, it is just whether somebody also writes the directions into the code.

Flash and HTML5 are disabled in the browser. Apparently these were nixed to get the 5-star safety feature.

@Bradtc, I believe the google map steven was talking about is the one that appears when you tap the "Nav" app. I'll check tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that the google map in your car's browser does not show your location. "Nav" and "Browser" are two different apps.

@Bradtc - I tried all the Websites you listed. The browser didn't like the Website and wouldn't bring it up. The others came up, provided written TBT directions, but the current location pointer did not display on the map. There apparently is no GPS inteface enabled with the browser, only the seperate Maps app.

Steven - so does your screen have a "navigate" button - or how does this work? Is your "navigate" button now a "maps" button, and that's where it shows your GPS position - but you can't make it draw routes on that map?

I tried asking 3 different reps at the Topanga store but they had no idea what I was talking about with the GPS showing a position on a map in non-tech package.

Any chance you could shoot a quick cell phone video just showing us non-tech-ites what the interface looks like? That would be awesome and extremely helpful.

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