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Autonomous driving

Is there anything known about autonomous driving options for the MX. f.i. the BMW i3 has distance control and drives autonomous in traffic jams.

It is not Model X specific but Tesla has partnered with Mobileye so you can take your eyes off the road for a short time to change radio stations and other quick task safely:

The earliest rumor for Tesla is about 2016. Competitors claim theirs in about 2020.

Mobileye is getting its car next month at last!

Paywalled, but thx.

@Brian H

Sorry about the limited free info.

Here is where we are:

09/2013 Autopilot program announced, will be the first in 2016.

02/2014 Mobileye partnership announced.

05/2014 Mobileye will get its first Tesla to work on.

"as these prices put them out of reach of most car buyers, especially in countries like Israel.

As it looks now, the appearance of a Tesla electric sports car in Israel will be for driverless testing purposes only."

This sounds hopeful. I understand that Tesla invests in 'driverless' cars. But before this is achieved a lot of useful options are already available. This will not directly lead to fully autonomous driving, but it will make driving some moments considerably easier. Is anything known on such options for MX?

I haven't heard any thing from Tesla for some time.

In the mean time, to break the boredom, let's watch a pretty neat progress report from Google.

It uses LIDAR which can see what's happening forward, backward,left and right.

The picture below showing red bicyclists in addition to other cars on the road, surrounding your car:

Tesla's version will not be like this because it does not believe in LIDAR which is very expensive.

It goes for cameras instead.

Hmmm! Still no news from Model X's autopilot.

While waiting, let's see who wins in the "dumb" Mercedes-Benz S Class keep-in-lane & adaptive cruise control VS Tesla Model S:

Still no news from Tesla.

So while waiting, let's watch Google X for today, Tuesday, 05/27/2014.

Google just built a prototype from the ground up.

The result is an ugly little beast that has no accelerator pedal, no brake pedal, no steering wheel...

Poor human drivers! You are obsolete in this future scenario.

That was pretty nice, and very inspiring. And the one man, who had the experience of 'Freedom' by traveling without relying on a driver... His joy was very apparent.

Here's a refinement from Volvo:

Lines of magnet guide disks embedded in the roadway.



However, magnets are much more expensive than current regular paint that are already on the roads.

Pot holes, road maintenance is a big problem. It's even more expensive with sub-freezing winter region and heavy truck traffic.

Replacement cost of magnets vs paint will be an issue.

Today, Elon said:

"In less than a year you will be able to go from highway on ramp to highway exists without touching any controls."

This likely equates to little more than Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Lane Keeping Assist, which while not revolutionary will be welcome additions to the Model X.

Elon is overly optimistic, I think. Autopilot is great in a desert but I think that all it would take would be one drunken idiot mixed in with a bunch of cars on autopilot to spoil the party. State governments will be afraid to let auto piloted cars mix with regular drivers on a routine basis. At least for some years.

I think it is likely a backup feature. In other words if you are driving for several hours and feel fatigued, the car can make sure you do not follow too closely and you stay in your lane. Such technology is not only legal, but also already available from certain other manufacturers. He has stated that they do not intend for Tesla to become a driverless, self driving car.

Sounds more realistic.

The highway must definitely "exist" before you can use the on-ramp.

@Brian H

Sorry for they typo. The correct spelling should be:


The article is in Swedish about Model S Taxi.

EV operating cost for the business is so low but it speculates that future Driverless Google Taxi service could easily be free due to its business model (just like free search engine/gmail/cloud drive/photo & video storage... )

Ok! I heard from Telas 20 days and now, 8-person start up company Cruise is crowing to be the first ever company selling to the public self-driving car feature!

If you have $10,000 and live in San Francisco, you can pre-order your add-on RP-1 kit next Monday for early 2015 installation.

First 50 persons for the first roll-out only in case the bugs are not worked out.

Here's its demo video clip:

The mounted roof pod has 2 cameras and a radar (not $75,000 Google LIDAR.)

You can hide its computer somewhere:

Read more at:

There's a fatal rear-end collision caused by Tesla Model S this weekend.

The left rear tire of the Toyota Corolla was pushed all the way to B-Pillar and the rear passenger door was essentially crumbled into disappearance:

It's a good time to review Tesla Auto Pilot info leak so far (in reverse chronology:)

06/03/2014 AutoPilot on freeway in less than a year.

05/2014 Mobileye will get its first Tesla to work on.

02/2014 Mobileye partnership announced.

09/2013 AutoPilot program announced, will be the first in 2016.


In the mean time, Mercedes-Benz just released its press release on its Future Truck 2025

It uses radar and stereo cameras keep the truck on course. It communicates to others to anticipate upcoming construction or traffic jams...

On a brighter note of what you can do with Model X, as seen on TV "Extant" this week:

Model X driverless system. 17" panel shows Navigation and Engergy consumption. The father play on his portable tablet, facing to the back toward his son, instead of driving the car:

Hey! No one is steering!!!!

A parking lot crash right after Model S delievery a few days is another reason why Collision Avoidance is well worth the cost.

missing "ago" as n "a few days ago"

There seem to be new autonomous driving features for MS. Is there a list of these features available?

Probably not until Oct. 9.


As AmpRealtor noted on new shipments:

They seem to be:

1) Lane departure warning (starting at 30 MPH).
2) Speed warning.
3) ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Warnings from #1 & 2 are not the same as actively correcting a situation on the road.

They could produce false alarms which produce alarm fatigue and drivers may choose to disable annoying warnings.

ACC #3 is a good start toward actively control the speed and brake of your car for a future autonomous feature.

Has TSLA or MBLY announced that Tesla Motors is a customer? Every time I try and verify this I keep coming back to one Israeli website.

I'm wondering why Tesla Motors would want such an important technology to not be developed in-house?

Once sensor selection, installation, bus integration, and servos are perfected, the case with the Model S for some weeks now, the problem becomes one of just software.

No offense to Mobileye but the best programmers are MUCH closer to Fremont California.

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