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Barron's July 14, 2008: Buy More Homes

JULY 14, 2008 -- Barron's Cover Story

Barron's Predicts A RETURN To RISING Housing Prices

After citing many empirical studies showing that housing would collapse, Barron's declared "...such pessimism appears overdone..." and that "...This real-estate rout has been more painful than prior ones, but it may be shorter-lived. Indeed, there are early signs of recovery..."

If given the choice between investing a $100M on Tesla Motors (and Elon Musk) or Barron's, I choose Tesla Motors.

Barron's Track Record / Past Predictions / Recommendations:

JULY 14, 2008 -- Barron's Cover Story
Barron's Predicts A RETURN To RISING Housing Prices

2007: Barron's Wanted You To BUY The Following Stocks:
Blockbuster Video (buy at $4/share, now selling at 15 cents/share)
Citigroup (buy at $51/share, now selling at $13/share)

2007: Barron's Wanted You To SELL The Following Stocks: (THEN $10/share, NOW $40/share)
Amazon (THEN $84/share, NOW $277/share)
Under Armor (THEN $25/share, NOW $60/share)

I wish I had some money to lose by following Barron's sage advice???

Exactly my thoughts! I never pay attention to the recommendations of WSJ, Barron's BWeek, Cramer, etc. Tesla is going to ride the wave that will disrupt the ICE auto business. The Si-Graphene and hi Mn rich electrodes with upgraded electrolyte chemistry will certainly make a quantum leap in battery energy density by a factor of 2-4x, while cutting costs/KW-hr by 70%, within 5 years.

Meanwhile. the newer Panasonic batteries can give a range of 500 miles, albeit at a hi costs for now. As the tech matures within 2-3 years, these batteries could be used in the Model S, X at current prices. Why would I want to buy a S550, A8, etc when I can get a much better BEV with 500 mile range, free supercharging? Who do I trust: Elon Musk with his track records or some guy with a record of nothing?

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