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Birds hitting the car

I have not seen this topic ( I volkerized it), so I aplogize if this has been posted elsewhere.
I have only had my car for a week and this morning was really the first time I drove on a quiet two lane road. Two birds hit my car within a mile of each other. I am wondering if birds rely on sound to avoid cars. Anybody else experience this or was this just not unusual.

Intriguingly, a few humans with high superoxide concentrations may possess the same ability but I'm sure they're not rushing to tell people about it.

moreso is no typo, mill-running or other. Wise.

If this turns out to be a real problem, then I would actaully be supportive of the EV noise proposals. We already have a problem with stray and owned cats killing too many birds!

A large Sand Hill Crane shattered my windshield today- see it on TMC accidents link. I feel bad, but couldn't avoid it entirely. One of my employees suspects the quiet and aerodynamics as a problem for the birds- another driver almost hit one last week too.,,

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