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Black film over chrome around windows

I think the car would look better without the chrome around the windows. Has anyone put a black film around the chrome or thought about it?

I would love to see the chrome replaced with dark grey to match the dark grey wheels.

One word plastidip

Someone over at Teala Motor Club did this with the chrome door handles but I don't know if they did the trim too- sorry don't have link but you can find it with some digging.

At one point I was thinking of the Grey color. Did not care for the chrome on the front end, and was considering taking it off and to a metal plating shop to replate. Was thinking a dark grey the color of hematite.

I completely agree. Chrome has no place in a modern car. The Chrome would look much better with powder coated metal to match the car color. Depending on the body color, a few shades darker trim color could also work.
As I recall, chrome is from Rhodesia, South Africa, where a bloody civil war between 1965 & 1979 caused a major shortage of chrome, resulting in far less chrome trim on automobiles.

Thanks All. Now I need to find someone who can install it for me in the Bay Area. I really do think it would look a lot better.

Personally I love the two-tone look the chrome accents give with silver paint.

I have to admit that the chrome on the vents bugs me more than the chrome around the windows outside the car....

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