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Bluetooth Sound Quality when Driving

How is the Bluetooth sound quality when driving for people on the other end when driving at speed? I was able to pair my phone to the car during a test drive, but didn't can't a chance to make a call while driving at speed. When parked it sounded great, but I was curious how the microphone was at noise canceling when driving?

Have had my MS for a week. So far people on the other end of phone calls I trust have said sound quality not great, lots of backround noise. Not as good as my old BMW 530 bluetooth.

Haven't had any problems even at highway speeds. Voice comes through loud and clear from both ends. Iphone 4s. No complaints.

Pairing works equally well. The few times it had not automatically paired you just have to tap the bluetooth icon and select your phone. Very intuitive.

Same here. Everyone I have been on the phone with says it sounds great, even at speed.

It's not a good as a decent headset but no worse than our Audi built in Bluetooth.

The bluetooth connectivity isn't what you are talking about, it is the microphone. My wife can't tell the difference on the other end between the Model S and the LEAF, and both were better than the in-car mic on the Camry Hybrid. None of them is as good as a headset or even holding the phone to your head.

No problems using the phone. But some connectivity problems with iPhone while playing music (via Bluetooth); it sometimes "skips" like it lost the signal temporarily. Not happening that often fortunately.

I get complaints from folks on the other end. Things sound great on my end.

Does anyone know where the microphone is located? Someone told me it sounded like wind noise. Could it be next to a heater vent?

@jkearns - a guess - and it is a complete guess - would be in the grill between the overhead reading lights.

Yes, the microphone is in that grill in the center above the windshield.

I had problems with my Lexus LS when I got it 6 years ago.

Was able to find the hidden diagnostics screen and adjust the volume settings on the microphone - which improved the sound quality considerably.

Wonder if there is or could be something similar for the Model S - to optimize microphone sound quality...

I have used bluetooth Samsung Epic 4G with my new Model S for the past 4 weeks with no problem. Sound quality are both great both end.

I get complaints from the other end on every call I make. Tesla should really address this issue since so many are complaining. I use an Iphone 5 and my Dodge Ram Truck has no sound quality problems when using Bluetooth.

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