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Can't decide on the roof

I'm thinking of trading my 2012 Porsche 911S for a Model S with performance package. I live in Utah where the sun is very hot. I can't decide if I should get the panoramic sun roof. Will I be able to see the touch screen? Will the inside get too hot?


Get it. The sun is blocked well.

I live in CA and have never had a problem. I don't think you'll regret it.

I live in Houston, and I have the sun roof. It is very effective at blocking the sun, and the heat. I don't think you will be disappointed if you get it.

The sunroof is much darker than any car I have owned. Other cars I often need the shade to block the sun. With the tesla, no shade needed.

I live in California and the pano roof blocks the heat and sun extremely well. I often open it to get some air circulation to cool me down, and then realize the air circulation doesn't make up for the now hot sun bearing down on me. I've never had any problem seeing the touch screen either.

Another thing to consider is rattles from the pano roof. After 1200 miles my roof has started squeaking whenever I hit the smallest of bumps or road imperfections. Rattles drive me nuts so I'm having Tesla service look at it next week to see if it can be fixed.

Live in SW Florida. Pano roof is great. No glare and keeps car as cool as the metal roof would

I don't particularly like sun roofs, so take my comments with that grain of salt. What I've heard on the forum is that a small but not insignificant number of sun roofs have developed squeaks and rattles and possibly other problems. This I believe is more a function of sun roofs than it is of Tesla, since I have sunroofs on my ICE cars and the one that is panoramic has a noticeble rattle that service can't seem to fix. So you may feel comfortable with the heat aspect of it, I know nothing of that. But you also need to consider the maintenance aspect.

Also consider that you gain 1.5 to 1.75 inches of headroom in the back seat with a pano roof. IMO this is the main reason for getting it.

No Pano roof - no regrets. Every previous car I have had has had a sunroof... Which I used 2% of the time. Love the regular closed, non rattling roof.

I had the same question before I finalized my car back in December. In the end I got the pano roof and I'm so glad I did. I've had sun roofs in previous cars but they were either loud or too small, and I ended up never using them. This one is different. I use it all the time. When it's cold I turn on my seat warmer. When it's really hot I open the back windows (which by the way allows you to drive over 60 with the roof 100% open - otherwise you have to open it at the 80% mark). It almost feels like a convertible sometimes. It's been my best decision as far as build options. I've had no mechanical issues. I've driven for hours in downpours and it doesn't leak. I'll gladly trade the occasional service call if something goes wrong for all the benefits I get from it.

No problems with pano roof. Car is warm sometimes, but venting sunroof and using climate control (all by phone app) work well!

I have the pano roof and am pleasantly surprised at how much UV and heat is blocked from the cabin. There is no seperate, opaque cover necessary even in 90 plus degree temperatures. As for the touch screen, its clarity in direct sunlight is better than my iPad. Its clear to me the engineers at TM thought these things through.

We initially got the pano because of the extra headroom in back was significant for the tall members in the family. Without it, they would be bending over just to fit in back. It is so nice, and we have it open often. No rattles, either.

I live in Tampa. it does work very well moderating glare and heat.
I agree with the rear seat headroom comments.
one drawback for sure is noise. a non sunroof car will be considerably quieter.
no doubt about that. and thats mainly a sunroof issue, not tesla. a hard screen would fix this issue but i think the screens will be soft thus doing nothing to lower cabin noise.
sunroof improves look of the car too imo. so whatever is more important to you should make your choice easier.

i went back and forth on the pano roof and finally decided to get it. I'm glad I did. I haven't had the car long enough to know whether it will develop rattles or squeaks, but I haven't had any so far. I'm not historically a sunroof person. The reason I like the pano is the feel of openness it provides. I was worried about the heat aspect but it hasn't been a problem so far.

+1ddruz and cablue: The headroom was the same reason the pano roof was a "must-have" for us. It's significant and noticeable. We didn't get many options, but we found the budget for the pano-roof and haven't regretted it.

I'm 6ft tall, and my boys are growing fast. My oldest is 14 and about 5'9" already. Sounds like I need to get it for headroom. I'm hoping to see a Model S soon and then I will decide. I am worried about the rattling issue some of you are having. Hopefully they have figured that out at the factory now.... Thanks for all the great replies!

Had the creaking noise from panoramic roof on my S few weeks after getting the car. Quite annoying and gets worse when weather is nice and warm. At this point in time, Tesla engineers still do not have a permanent fix for it.

question I have re: pano roof:

What does the open roof do vis a vis aerodynamics??
Does it increase drag and lower your range??


no pano-no regrets here...

I couldn't decide on pano roof or not until I went to a Tesla Store and saw both of them up close. I think the pano roof makes the car look much nicer from the inside. no issues with heat - just as warm as my other car that has a solid roof.

There is a built-in wind deflector that pops up automatically in the front when the sunroof is open, I would imagine that decreases aerodynamics a bit.
Being able to slide your finger on the touchscreen to open sunroof by a precise amount.....priceless!

If you have kids, the panoroof is a great addition. My 2 boys (5 and 2 y/o) loves looking up at the sky, birds, planes, clouds, buildings...etc, and they don't stare at the DVD player any more. Probably better for their eyes :) Like most said, heat and light is NOT an issue at all, this roof blocks them very well.

I have almost 5,000 miles with the pano roof and I have no leaks or rattles. I think the pano roof is really cool.

I haven't driven my car in very hot weather, but last year I did the test drives in hot weather and the pano roof wasn't a problem.

Also, I haven't had a problem with glare from sunlight coming through the roof. The only time I noticed glare was once during sunset. The sun was very low and the road and the light was at just the right angle to allow the sun to come through the rear windshield and cause some glare on the screen. I haven't had an issue with the roof though.

Just comes down to if you are going to use it. Almost every car I've ever owned was either a convertable or had a sunroof of some sort. I found myself using these features very infrequently and had mechanical issues with them half the time. Needless to say, when given an option, I elected for the solid roof on my Model S. One less thing to bring it into the shop for!

Even if you don't open it very often, having a glass roof is still nice aesthetically, in my opinion.

I did not get the pano roof b/c I never used them on my other cars. When I tried to the wind noise overpowered everything (stereo, conversation with kids) so I would just close it back up. Also, I wonder if no roof makes the car any lighter or stiffer (doubt it). Finally, I also did not want to deal with any rattles/creaks/squeaks or future problems out of of warranty. So functionally, he pano roof roof was a no for me.

Having said that, I definitely think aesthetically it is an awesome piece to have in the car and would open things up above really nicely (even when closed). And I do not like the broad expanse of polyester headliner in my standard 85kwh; the sunroof breaks that up nicely, of course.

In the end, I'm still 60/40 against it, for me... If $$ is at all an issue, consider saving your $1500 for a service plan or a myriad of Tesla upgrades/accessories that they are already coming out with.

Get the Pano
I live in so cal. No problem with the heat

I think the question to ask is whether the problems with the pano's are worth the the pano roof. I have always had a sun roof since I live in San Diego and realized when I was ordering the Model S that I really did not use it that much. Also since viewing the many threads reagarding the problems with the roofs and this is not an easy fix,I am glad I made that decision!!!!

I'm down here in SW Florida. Get the pano roof. It blocks a lot of heat from the sun and most of the light as well. Still you can see up when you want. Tesla got it right with the pano.

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