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Can't decide on the roof

I'm thinking of trading my 2012 Porsche 911S for a Model S with performance package. I live in Utah where the sun is very hot. I can't decide if I should get the panoramic sun roof. Will I be able to see the touch screen? Will the inside get too hot?


I think this is an item where you'll be fine either way. I don't have it, and don't regret not getting it. My family is tall and we all fit fine in the back seat. It is a nice sunroof if you like sunroofs and don't mind the noise. If you are having questions about it, save the $1,500.

I am going through the same 'mood swings' concerning the pano. Not so much for cost but more for the need, and design aesthetics. Living in a cold and dark place as Elon described it, 10 months of the year it for sure won't be used due to cold, snow and rain. When the sun is out and it is warm, say up to 4 weeks a year in a good year, is it worth the money? Would I enjoy it so much (over time; I see the novelty being a thing for enjoyment) that I should have it? And my conclusion so far is that maybe not. On the design aesthetics side, there is no doubt in my mind, the car does not need the pano. It needs the solid same coloured roof. But that is me. So, despite how cool and how nice, I am 60:40 against pano. But, still deliberate and have time to as deliveries to this cold and dark place is way off, still...

@Geir T, You might want to try sitting in the rear seat of cars with and without pano roof before making your decision if you have not done so already. Nothing beats first hand experience.

In your situation the pano roof decisions will not be about sun or aesthetics. First hand experience of rear seat headroom prior to purchase will easily decide it for you.

If the rear seat headroom without the pano roof is fine for you then say no to the pano roof. But if the rear seat head room without the pano roof is not sufficient for you then say yes to the pano roof.

Heat passing through the glass is not a problem. I have been favorably surprised by this. However, my sunroof make a great deal of air noise at highway speed. Tesla will look into this next week, may be a seal problem. I am also hearing slight rattles.

I control the pano roof from the right thumb wheel on the steering wheel. I find it much more convenient that the touch screen. When I park in the hotter weather a tap on that wheel which will open the top to the vent setting of 12% or I can roll the wheel to any percent I want. Great feature.

I sat in the demo car with pano and with my 186 cm that was just fine. I wonder how much the regular roof will build. No no-pano demo car available yet but guess the day when I am up for my final choice. I guess by the way that 90% of the time the car will be used by the wife and myself only, so I am not so concerned about the height in the back, really... but...

I am going to order my Model S in the next 2 weeks and the sunroof is one option that I am not 100% about. In the cars that I have purchased in the last 10 years, the sunroof is part of some luxury or convenience package so it was not an item for consideration.

When I really think of how often I use the sunroof, my use is limited to moderate temperature days in the Spring or Fall on surface streets. At highway speeds, the wind noise is too much for me to use the sunroof.

I do like the openness that the panoramic roof provides. My MB R350 has a panorama roof and the interior feels less confined and the kids love looking up at the sky especially when in the city looking at buildings or when driving to the airport and seeing a plane pass above. I will use the Model S with the kids and like the idea of a panoramic roof but other posts about wind noise, leaking, and other problems with the roof option makes me nervous. We are a busy family and on the go, as most of us, so the idea of dealing with repairs, etc adds to my apprehension.

I have been following the forums for more than a year and I appreciate all the advice & perspectives posted here. Thank you!

Disclaimer, I am not into sunroofs in general.

Got panorama roof on my MS. Almost never open it. My kids in the back seat like it because of the light and openness that it provides them but for me as a driver, no. I'd rather have a lighter, quieter, stiffer car with a solid roof.

@RAUDIKAL - Earlier production with pano roof had issues. Most recent builds have incorporated fixes for wind noise and creek issues.

That goes for most of the body and panel issues reported during the first year of production. It seems like deliveries in the last 2 months have been near perfect.

Of course there are still the occasional owners with a catastrophic issue of the missing ash trays and grab handles...

No Ash trays? I'll take one off the next United flight. Sans the gum.

No solar gain issues yet since my Oct. 2013 delivery. I love the panoroof and wouldn't consider buying any type of car without one, including my 6-speed BMW x3. I just love the "wind in my hair" feel of a sun roof on lovely days.
However, two nights ago, after 3 days straight of driving rain, I got in my car (ironically just moments before the 60 minutes updated feature aired on Elon Musk and TESLA)and water flowed onto the top of my head and down my shirt! The sunroof had not been open for weeks due to the weather here in NJ. En route to my meeting, I opened and closed the roof to ensure its seal. It seemed fine.
I think there must be some blockage in the internal drainage channel, assuming there is one?! Has anyone had a leak problem?

Get the pano. Even if you don't open it, it gives a very roomy feeling. You can look up and see the sky. It is very different from a typical sun roof which you see in other cars.
I would have loved if entire roof opened but currently only the first half opens.

You will probably be happy either way. I had a 911 Targa with the similar all glass roof and was very unhappy when I sat in a newer 911 coupe with the dark headliner the germans like. Tesla uses a light colored headliner so it won't be so dark (I bought a 911 cab in the end). Also, the Targa, our BMW X5 glass roof, and my moms MB E-class all have some noise from the big tops, especially when cold or when the body flexes.

In the end, the experience with the glass is better, but the car is quieter, stiffer, lighter, and simpler without the pano roof. More to wax though! I such a quiet car as the MS, I chose not to get the roof and enjoy the 911 cab on the really nice days. I did not compare head room from one to the other as my 10 year old should be fine either way.

Does anyone know if the roll test the Tesla did so well and supposedly broke the machine for crush protection was on a standard top, pano top, or does it not matter?

@JAD - It was with pano roof. TM uses rocket grade bolts to enhance the strength of the B pillars.

Cannot stress getting the pano enough. The car is just really open and beautiful with it. No problems in SoCal summer sun with it last year and no problems in SoCal winter sun with it this year.

We open it about every couple weeks and that's usually just to vent or maybe to 20%. Occassionally we'll open it to 100% and cruise down PCH along the ocean. That's quite an experience.

In 9 months of ownership I've never heard so much as a squeak from it. Dead silence.

If I had to choose between choosing either the Tech Package or the Pano Roof option I'd have to really sit down and think about it.

Get the pano. You'll never regret it.

As if you need more convincing, get the Pano Roof. I can't imagine buying a car without it. The light let in by the pano roof works especially well with a light leather interior.

Looks like 85, tech package, pano roof, parking sensors are kind of basic minimum.
I personally will also add twin chargers to future proof but know that many will disagree.
Depending on your family situation, third row may or may not be important.

Thomas N;
But ... have you ever experienced rain? Much less a gulley-washer?

Pano gives more than a "feeling" of roominess. It really gives you 2" more headroom (thickness of the cross beam). The solid roof's ceiling liner covers the cross beam.

I needed it for headroom in the driver's seat but I'm taller than average from seat to head. I've only had it for 5 days but have no issues with solar heating. As to viewing out of the plano, that's mostly for the rear seat passengers.

Looks like I haven't dived in. I decided specifically not to get the Pano and opted for a black top on Tahoe Blue.

The reason was pretty simple, in owning my Jetta with sun/moon roof, I opened it only a handful of times (aside from testing).

Conclusion: either I don't like wind in my hair or I don't like extra noise. I imagine it is the latter as my ears have been on a downward trend. "What did you say" is pretty common coming out of my mouth, so I expect I like the quietness of the MS all the more for that.

First post, so excited having a 85, green, with a black roof on order.

My service adviser says there is MORE HEADROOM without the glass roof. He said the car is the same overall height with or without it and that the glass roof is built into and takes up more room than does the headliner only.

Now, I am confused as the service manager really seems to know the car.

Part of the reason I did not order the glass roof.

Hmm, no response to my post? I maybe it needs a thread all to itself? As mentioned above (and contrary to many posters) there is more headroom without the glass roof. Anyone know for sure? Thanks...

It's contrary to 99% of consensus. You save 2" on the sunroof from cutting out the corresponding roof cushion.


I heard the same. Some claim that there is a difference in the back seat. We never noticed. I had two loaners with Pano and I don't have a pano. I never really noticed it was there, other than to test it.

My upper body is pretty tall and when I sit under the pano roof on the back seat, my head fits under the glass but it goes higher than the padding at the edge of the cut-out. I tried sitting into a solid roof model too and I could not straighten up my neck because my head was pushing into the cushion.

So from my experience its pretty clear that the pano has more headroom. Although in the front seat I can fit under either roof, the problem is only on the rear seat.

@GAGSTESLA I sat in the back seat with and without. There's at least 2.5 inches of extra headroom with the pano. Plus, the inside feels bigger as well. I strongly recommend it.

Thanks to all! I am going to pass on the glass roof, I am going with the painted back one though. Anybody see that combo in real life? Green body with the black roof.

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