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CHAdeMO for Tesla s in Norway

What happens?

Er det ingen som kan svare på status knyttet til mulighet for chademo lading i Norge?

Kan noen enkelt florklare meg hvem so kan utnytte dobbeltlader og hvordan?

Prøv deg på det norske Tesla-forumet:,49.0.html

I don't speak Norwegian ( although my grand parents were born there ) , but are you saying that Tesla's in Norway will be using Chademo technology? The last time I asked Tesla if it will be used in Hawaii, the reply was something like " no comment". Hmm. There are at least 3 public charging stations with those type of quick chargers. However, I don't have the proper connector. Oh well, that's life....

I think the Nowegian text is a question if there is a possibility of Chademo in Norway and how the dual chargers work. Sadly, it is not a rumor of Chademo compatibility.

@yoohootesla - i was told that Tesla is working on a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S, but unsure whether it will require additional costly hardware.

It is promised for Europe, but the base connector is different.

Thanks for the update. I'll be looking for any more news re. quick chargers. Then maybe I won't have to get up at 5am and drive to the nearest public charging station where I leave the car for 4 hrs.

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