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cleaning wheels with a model s?

So i am wearing my tesla grin. Got mine yesterday in norristown pa and had to drive home to south jersey. I had two options: turnpike it or drive through philadelphia at rush hour. Still getting used to the car with rain and sleet coming down i header for philly figuring the slower pace would allow me some quality time with the car and let me ease into all the controls.

The drive was fantastic!. I don't think i have ever enjoyed a rainy traffic jam as much. To my amazement i barely ever hit the brake pedal in 50 miles of stop and go traffic.'so much for the time it would take to adapt to the regenative breaking.

So my realization was aside from the brakes practically never wearing out, the wheels of a tesla shouldn't get covered with brake dust as much as an ICE. Has anyone experienced this?

Whoops that should be titled cleaner wheels

Yes - I have found the grimy build-up reduced over previous cars.

I think a lot of this depends on what type of wheels you have. My previous BMW had 19 inch wheels an accumulated less brake dust than my Model S, but the BMW had 5 spoke wheels with lots of open space between spokes where as my Model S has the 21 inch wheels where the "fan blades" are much closer together

Had my S for 3 weeks now. Noticeably less break dust, most likely due to the limited need for break use. Not eliminated though. The wheels do require standard care, just a lot less to clean off. :)

Break dust is a very bad sign. Brake dust ain't so bad, though.

nice catch Brain H ;)

Dangit campsalavage, if you didn't correct yourself, then I could've came in here and warned people that really shouldn't be using a Model S to clean any kind of wheels. Injuries and damage may result!

Anyways, I used this and it seems to work fairly well:

Though, as you'll see in the comments, one guy said it peeled the plastic off of his dashboard. Maybe he's just trolling. I'm not sure why you would, but yeah, don't spray it on anything besides your wheels!

who's "campsalavage"? I know what a camp is, but what's a salavage?

A medical camp with lots of irrigation.

Motto: "Wash up, doc?"

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