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Climate/Heating System in Cold Weather


Being that a Tesla "store" rep introduced me that the Model S uses inverter coolant (brilliant!) as the heat source for the vehicle instead of electric heat, is there any experience with the heating system in the Model S? I live in a cold climate and there will be plenty of times where the car will cold soak outside un-plugged. How long does it take to feel the heating system to heat up the cabin? Does it ever really reach desired temperatures (unlike the Volt)? And does this car have a feature where if plugged in it will use outside power to get the cabin to desired temperature?

Two, I wish this forum had a search functionality so I can see if my questions have been previously answered.

Now I would like to introduce myself as new and possible prospect buyer to the Tesla brand. Live in NY and frequently travel to VT during the winter. I love everything Tesla stands for and really really hope the company succeeds.

Thank you

100Wh/mile at 55mph is 5.5kW. Kind of high power draw, but not impossible high.

Roadster manual says that you should plug in the car above 20C temperatures, charging or not charging, so Roadster at least does some temperature management without charging. If Model S doesn't do same I'm very surprised. It might be that it just let the battery temperature to drop very low, but not at damaging temperatures (Li-ion batteries like cold, it prolongs their life, but cold batteries performance is weak).

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