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Color combo poll

I'm finalizing my options in the next couple days. All options are settled but the interior color. I was sold on blue/tan, but I'm not sure I like the look of the tan, and I've always had black interiors. From outside the car, I love the blue/tan contrast. but sitting in the front seat, I'm not sure I like the look of the tan on the dash. So I think I'm settling on:



Blue - gray - lacewood very happy for 15K miles

Green, grey perf, lacewood. Very happy with my choice :-)

Pearl white, Pano, grey perf, carbon fiber

My order is in, and I still have a few days to make changes. Right now I am Metallic Blue with black leather.
I worry that the grey leather is too light. Anyone find the grey leather to show wear or blue jean stains? Also I have kids, so I am slightly leaning toward the less-pretty black over grey leather.

DannyB I have tan leather and I found that blue jeans stains come out easily with a good leather cleaner used sparingly. I use Zainos.


Bruise colors?

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