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Dallas Area NTTA Tolltag

I have had my Model S for a bout 2 months...I have the tolltag to the right of the rearview mirror. On occasion, the tag reader will eventually read it...most times it does not. I flew out of Love Field yesterday morning...when going into the parking garage, the reader eventually worked, but it would not read it on the way out of the garage..I had to hold the tag outside the car to get it to work.

Any suggestions?

jerry3, thanks.

I was told by NTTA that you just tell them you have a Tesla and they will order one that mounts outside. It can be mounted behind the license plate and is readable there. The Service Center said bring it to them and the will install it on the lower black honeycomb grille below the nosecone and it isn't even visible but reads perfectly there.

I use my tag to pay airport parking I can't take a chance that it only reads the sticker stuck on the black dots next to the rearview mirror mount. I went to turn in my old credit card sized plastic box transponder at NTTA office on Plano Parkway and get one of the black plastic bar that screws on with bolts through two holes of the license plate. On my way home I pulled up behind a white Model S. Now my second Dallas sighting since getting mine. We acknowledged each other when I passed him. I assume this will become even less rare. The day I got mine December 15th I was only one of 8 that day. When I paid the sales tax and applied for the title and plates the lady who helped me said she gets one or two a week at the Marsh Ln Government Center.

I have an appointment at Service Center January 17 to have it installed. NTTA sends you to Speedee Oil change places.

I fly at least one a week and need reliable toll tag performance, too. I found that by slipping the thin "flexible" toll tag under the right passenger-side corner of the rearview mirror, where approximately 30% of the tag was behind the mirror and the rest is exposed under the dots to the right, it works every time.

I've been using that set up since August when I picked up my car. you can imagine the frustration trying to figure this out while they were getting the DFW readers stabilized. A day trip once yielded a toll of more than $250…yikes! Without exposing all of the sticky back, I kept the tag loosely shoved under the mirror for testing, ready to grab it and wave it about to attract the attention of recalcitrant readers at DFW. In early October, I finally committed and mounted it as noted above with the fully exposed sticky back and I've had no problems with the readers in the several months since. YMMV

Sometime ago, I read somewhere that one of the toll tag stores had a test reader set up in it's parking lot, but I could not find it online and no one at the toll tag store knew about it. That certainly would be be a good idea and most helpful in finding the best mounting options.

I'm confident that you'll find a solution that works well for your situation. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.


I read that in a post about a test reader in the parking lot but I believe it was a post about EZ Pass in Florida not Dallas. I got the black bar made to screw through the bottom two holes on the front plate. Tesla Service Center installed it for me using star (torx) screws so not easily removed.

So many people are against adding the front plate to what they refer to as the nosecone but if you really look at it up close in good light you can see it for what it is, a black cover over the bumper. And that's exactly where the plate belongs. I have the front plate mounted as Tesla designed it to be and it looks great. Even better with the black bar across the bottom. Many of the same people who detest the US style front plate love how the European style long horizontal plate looks.

If you don't want to install the front plate Tesla Sevice Center will install the black bar in the lower grill and it's almost invisible there.

Russberger I'm not sure what you mean by the black bar. Do you have a photo?

I would appreciate it if someone could post some photos of where they are putting the toll tag. NTTA is sending me a new tag and crediting me for double charges, even though I have to use the credit card to get out of DFW airport. Would be nice to not have to do this anymore.

The "black bar" is an alternative to the window tag. It's relatively large - and is intended to connect on the bottom of the front license plate - for use with vehicles when the window tags won't work due to interference from the windshield.

I've been able to get the window tag to work in the area of the windshield with the black dots right of the rear view mirror.

If that hadn't worked, I would have tried putting the black bar inside the nose cone - which others have done - since I have not (yet) put on a front license plate.

If you all follow this thread it will show you the pictures and where the "black bar" can be mounted under the nose cone. Jack and the Dallas team know how to do it if you want to ask them but I have had very mixed results with it working under the nose cone...

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