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Dallas Cars and Coffee

Any new Model S owners going to the Cars and Coffee this coming Saturday?

@sandman - Yes, sorry, being off topic is my fault. Thanks for the details about reconnecting BT. Mine resolved itself but good to know. By the way, here are the instructions for a hard re-set of the system:
- Make sure the car is in park
- Make sure you do not need to go anywhere for say 10 minutes
- Hold down both track balls on the steering wheel until the main screen goes black
- Release the track balls
- The system will reboot and be ready in 10 minutes or so (at least it was when I had to do it).

This solved my radio issue but I still do not have a 3G connection even though the phone does in the garage.

I don't mind this going off topic. All this information is valuable and helpful for the people that haven't received their cars.

@sandman I sent you pictures today by email. Let me know if they do not arrive.

got em J! nice pics!

Anyone going tomorrow to C&C?

Good seeing you today Mark, let's see if we can get some more people to come out next month.

Great to meet you Marek. It was fun to see the excitement at the show around the Model S.
the organizers even told me that my S was the most exciting car there - he was going to add a picture to their website. Hopefully there will be a growing Tesla contingent in the future.

I just took delivery on the 5th! If you see a brown one floating around (that doesn't sound too good, does it?), it's probably me! Hopefully I'll get to make it out to one of these things soon too!

I noticed on the Dallas thread someone mentioned a C&C on the 16th. Anyone know about that one? I am some how not watching the right forums because I keep missing the dates and location postings... It would be great to meet up with some of the other owners in town!

Cars and Coffee is held on the first Saturday of each month. The next one will be March 2nd. Even is located at Spring Creek and Dallas North Tollway at the BMW dealership. People start to show up between 7:30 and 8:00 am. If you want to bring your car, I'd recommend coming early.

@terk You may be referring to the Autorama, a yearly car show:

@Marek - Thank you very helpful clarification.

By the way, I went by the service station (in Farmers Branch off Welch) yesterday to meet Jack Baston in person (he is a great guy and we are really blessed to have him as our area service manager) and was amazed at all of the Model S's that they have on-site that they are cleaning up and getting ready for delivery to folks in the area. So for those of you that are waiting with baited breath, they are working like mad to make sure your delivery process is smoother and cleaner and to get you your car as fast as possible.

That was me. It is not a C&C on the 16th. It is the DFW Auto Club. They meet every Saturday except for the first, when they meet with C&C. They meet in the same general area (Plano) at the Shops at Starwood. Starts at 9:00.

Anyone planning on coming to C&C this Saturday?

Don't know yet. Depends on whether or not I get my car.

I would like to, but I would probably have to leave by 9:45am. Is it easy to get out of there if you need to leave? I haven't been before.

I can't make it this month.

@rsampsonjr Yes, it's pretty easy to get out of there. People may not hear you in your silent car though =)

Wife out of town and I'm with 3 little kids so I'm out :(

Word is that the Dallas Service center opened last Friday or this Monday. In any case, it's status is changed on the Tesla website as well:

I spoke to Jack and he said to hold off for a few weeks before we initiate any sort of Dallas S gathering there due to the number of cars they need to prep for delivery. Trying to target a meet mid March.

It wasn't last Friday :-)

I would pick mine up if Tesla would only send me the papers so I can get the plates.

@sandman - The service center opened "officially" on Monday (according to Jack), and yea, they are slammed right now so probably best to wait for the time being for a meet there.

I am also out for C&C this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys.

@jerry3 - Are you waiting on the "final" paper work to get hard tags or paper work to get temp tags?

The final paper to get the hard tags. I don't think I can get temp tags because the temp tags are for transfer of used cars where the VIN is already in the system. New vehicles won't be in the system until you register the title. They didn't arrive today so it doesn't appear as if I will get my car tomorrow.

@jerry3, I drove mine for a week and a half with just the little piece of paper from California in the back window before getting the paper work to get my personalized plates (and pay sales tax). I never got pulled over and there were several times I was next to a police car. I just was careful not to demonstrate the performance model's abilities at those times. I never bothered with temp tags.

@jerry3 - I also took the CA paper work down to the tax office and paid $25 and they gave me a TX temp tag that was good for 30 days. So there is no reason for you to wait to get the hard tags!

@jerry - Also check out the thread that @sandman started about getting registered:

It worked for me and for several others...


Yeah, I know about that thread.

Also I don't like to give the taxman any more than I can help, so I didn't want to spend the $25 :-)


That's cool. Based on some of the posts in the other forum, I doubt I'd be that lucky

I got to C&C around 10:45. I was the only Tesla in sight. Lots of looks, questions and warm thoughts . . . nice, as it was freakishly cold out there.

I was there with my green one from 7:00 (when it much colder) to around 10:30. A white one was there for around an hour also. Blue one showed up shortly before I left. It was fun.

Hey Dallas Tesla owners, I'd like to organize a meetup this Saturday at Cars and Coffee. It would be great if we could get a few cars to show up and park together. This would mean showing up around 7am to get a decent spot. Anyone interested?

Went to my first Cars and Coffee last Saturday - can't believe I haven't gone before. Car geek heaven.

And we had 5 Teslas there making a strong showing. Lots of people coming by. My friend joked (I think) that we were attracting more of a crowd than the Ferraris!

I plan to go back fairly regularly. We had grey, blue, silver, green and my MC red. Can we get a white and a black or a brown next time?

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