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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Ramtaz....I've used the DFW Valet service probably over 100 times. Had a MB S63 before and between the two cars have never had a problem. of course, now I've jinxed myself and I'm sure I'll have a dented S when I return on Thursday !!

On the tint issue, you guys have convinced me. Going to Speedshield this weekend.

one of my biggest regrets was getting the factory paint armor. highly visible half hood is weak for a car this nice. it needs full hood and front fenders. Will see if the Speed Shield guys do it too.

Speedshield wrapped my S in addition to tinting. I got the entire body done. Has definitely saved my paint several times.

Just wanted to share the D Magazine link that several of us were recently photographed for:

xbill, what did it cost? Looks like a great idea..

Its great to have a place for all the Dallas folks to share their info. I just received my delivery date Oct 19th! can't wait. Thanks to all the folks on here i'll be making an appointment at Speed Shield for my wrap and tint.

My config: Grey w/grey,carbon fiber, P85, performance, pano, air suspension, 19" wheels, Tech, parking sensors, sound


Followed my car's twin home today in Lake Ridge Estates. Grey Model S. Turned right 2 streets before my left. That's 3 now I see in Cedar Hill.

I live in CO, but have a friend in Dallas that was asking me where she can see a Model S up close and personal and ride/drive one briefly. Anyone interested in some Tesla Time? If so email me at and I will try and put you two in touch. Thanks, in advance.

BTW - she has an office at 8150 Brookriver Dr, Dallas, TX 75247
and her office Phone:(214) 630-8204. Her name is Carla

Test drive events this week and the week of May 29th.

Have her sign up.

Anyone tried Speed Shield for their photosync product? What's the cost? Getting delivery in a week! Can't wait

Hi, We saw two Teslas within one hour on last Sunday afternoon... One in black on 35E service road leaving 407 heading south, the other one silver grey at FW Main Table... so excited, don't know if either of them visits here :)

Can't wait to drive ours in Dec.!


where are you located? I am in Arlington and wonder if anyone else is also in Arlington?

Dallas - also with December delivery. Already on plugshare so stop by for a free fill up! (Only one in old east Dallas)

@arldent we are in Denton and frequently visit Fort Worth area. We are new to the forum and not sure who else is in Arlington, sorry!

@ICUfly our cars may arrive on the same truck!

@jj - hopefully sooner than later!

I am planning to enter my model S in a charity auto show on October 25 at 930 West Ave. B, Garland. The First Presbyterian Church Parking lot. Anyone who wants a look should come by. I have one of the first 2000 Model S' and have about 30,000 miles on it. Have the Rear children jump seats installed. If you are interested in showing your car, it is $20 entry fee. No fee to come look. Show time is 12 to 4 pm.

Got my MS two weeks ago. I am in FW. Yesterday while making a run to DFW on 183 a White MS passed us. We gave each other the thumbs up and grinned. Both of us had the CA temp tags and no pano.

My Model S will be delivered in December. I am in Frisco, TX.

I live in flower mound TD and have had my Tesla Model S 85 since May of 2013. I am enjoying every min of it. Would love to see all DFW tesla owners meet up once a month for lunch or something .


Apology to White Tesla in Addison!
I was driving my Tesla on Addison Road, well know for the fine Addison Police to monitor speeding. The white Tesla coming toward me was flashing his lights. Oh, no...a speed trap ahead. I was traveling the speed limit, so I merely waved at the Tesla person passing me.
No police ahead...the White Tesla was just waving at me with his headlights.
I apologize for being so insensitive to you. Please continue to blink to others. While some may think that the volume of vehicles has increased enough that we are not that small of a group...I still love it when I see another friendly owner say "Hello".

I will be taking delivery of my 85D in March. Farmers Branch, TX. Shoutout to the staff at the North Park gallery. That team has been beyond helpful and excited for me even before I placed the order. I was hoping I could have it for my 25th birthday decided to delay by a couple of months. I am still very excited and happy about my choice.

Has anyone driven from Dallas to Denver. If you have what route did you take and did you have any problems across OK and KS?

My P85D gets here in the next week.....second Model S purchase !! Made it through 28,000 miles on the first P85 over 22 months. I missed the P85+ configuration by 3 months last time so crossing my fingers nothing neat becomes available right after this delivery. Ready to get it wrapped and tinted next week.

@BillPlanoTexas where are you doing wrap/tint? I'm in Frisco and should have my S85 by end of December. thanks

I was rammed from the back by another car. My new P85 is now at John Eagle Collision for repair. The estimator there claimed that they have repaired at least 70 or so Tesla, and at least 11 with the same color, dark grey, as mine!!! Really, that many Tesla have been in some types of accident this year? Asked this pointblank, but he skirted the question and moved on to another topic. He claimed, as expected, that I will never be able to tell the difference between factory paint and their paint job. I asked for references, but he denied blaming it on privacy issue. If he were to be correct about having repaired that many Teslas this year, then surely someone in the DFW area must have used his shop. If you had any repair work done at John Eagle Collision, then please share your experience and whether the job was done to your satisfaction. Thanks.

@arident3300 I have been sideswiped a couple times in the two years I have had my car. Each time I took the car to Trade Secret ( in Plano, which was the place recommended to me by Tesla. The work (body & paint) was very well done. Not sure of the cost, as insurance of the other person picked it up. I did not see any other Teslas there in either case.

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