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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Ramtaz....I've used the DFW Valet service probably over 100 times. Had a MB S63 before and between the two cars have never had a problem. of course, now I've jinxed myself and I'm sure I'll have a dented S when I return on Thursday !!

On the tint issue, you guys have convinced me. Going to Speedshield this weekend.

one of my biggest regrets was getting the factory paint armor. highly visible half hood is weak for a car this nice. it needs full hood and front fenders. Will see if the Speed Shield guys do it too.

Speedshield wrapped my S in addition to tinting. I got the entire body done. Has definitely saved my paint several times.

Just wanted to share the D Magazine link that several of us were recently photographed for:

xbill, what did it cost? Looks like a great idea..

Its great to have a place for all the Dallas folks to share their info. I just received my delivery date Oct 19th! can't wait. Thanks to all the folks on here i'll be making an appointment at Speed Shield for my wrap and tint.

My config: Grey w/grey,carbon fiber, P85, performance, pano, air suspension, 19" wheels, Tech, parking sensors, sound


Followed my car's twin home today in Lake Ridge Estates. Grey Model S. Turned right 2 streets before my left. That's 3 now I see in Cedar Hill.

I live in CO, but have a friend in Dallas that was asking me where she can see a Model S up close and personal and ride/drive one briefly. Anyone interested in some Tesla Time? If so email me at and I will try and put you two in touch. Thanks, in advance.

BTW - she has an office at 8150 Brookriver Dr, Dallas, TX 75247
and her office Phone:(214) 630-8204. Her name is Carla

Test drive events this week and the week of May 29th.

Have her sign up.

Anyone tried Speed Shield for their photosync product? What's the cost? Getting delivery in a week! Can't wait

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