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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Dallas is putting Houston to shame! However, I have a son at SMU, so I'll reach out to those in the area before I drive my Model S (late November delivery) to Dallas in 2013.

Lynn005 - We'd love to see you up in Dallas anytime, no need to wait :)

Dallas Tesla S owners - we should plan a Dallas Tesla event. I won't have mine until Feb/March (which I assume means mid or late March) but I'll suggest that if the Dallas service center opens before then we get together, whether we have our individual cars yet or not - thoughts?

Sounds like time a road trip is in order next Spring!

I have a two tiered driveway that leaves the street, crosses a sidewalk, then slants up to garage level, then levels out. I am concerned about clearance and scraping the bottom or rear of the car trying to put it into the garage where the charger will be. How do I determine if the driveway slope and grade change will prevent the car from making the short trip?


That is discussed here:

You can set the ride height to "very high" and clear any reasonable driveway. Rent or borrow a similarly sized car for an hour and see if it scraps.

Way above my technical payscale. Your second option is plausable for me. Could you suggest a car whose clearance is similar? Thanks!

I'd suggest any full sized car wouldn't be all that different. Ford 500 comes to mind, or a big Chevy or Buick.

Really, though the air suspension has the ability to be set "very high" and should work in any reasonable and most unreasonable driveways.

I was invited to lock in my order a few days ago. There are still a couple of decisions I'm struggling with, and without a showroom our service center in town, there's nowhere I could go to check it out. First, I wanted to compare the sunroof to no sunroof. Second, I wanted to compare the Sound Studio option to the standard sound system. I work in , and live near Forest and Hillcrest. Anyone near there who would be willing to let me check out their car so I could compare? Not a test drive, just a sit and listen.

That was supposed to say I work in Frisco.

I'd be happy to if mine was here. Bennett, do you mind sharing your res number? I saw one on Preston today that was white. I hate being such a stalker but I sure wish somebody with a car would allow some of us to get a look. It has been months since i was in Santa Monica and my brain hardly remembers a thing. Thanks, just tell us time and place! :)

Comrads, I do not have the car yet, but I have a window of December 15 through 29th. Willing to provide inspections as soon as the car is here. Send Tesla a note and tell them to move my delivery up so you can see mine to place an order. :)

Blue, 85 KWH Tan interior, Gloss Obeche wood, child seats, sound system, tech package, dual chargers, 21 inch silver wheels. No Paint armour. Not performance. I live in the Plano area.

My res number is 9808.

J King, are you getting the panoramic roof or not?

@Bennet R. I am getting a body colored roof.

@Bennet R - So I had similar questions and on a recent business trip to DC was able to test drive and sit in two different versions. One had a panoramic roof and one had the body color roof. The only difference is that there is ever so slightly more head space in the panoramic version vs. the body color version if you are sitting in the back seat. Head space was the same in the front. Note: it was not enough to make me get the panoramic (mine arrives early Feb) and I am 6'6" and fit no problem in the back seats so I would not let that cloud the decision. The reason I got the body color was simply due to the sun cooking the inside of the car here in TX. As for sound system, they only had the premium sound system and from what I could tell, it was worth it. Hope that helps...

please let me know when it arrives. I am in the restaurant bus and would be happy to host a Sat or Sun afternoon beer and bites for everybody. I got about six more slow months to go and I am jonesing!

Just saw on TMC that the new service center in Dallas will open before the end of the year at 13725 Welch Road in Farmers Branch (just north of LBJ). I am thrilled because I live about 2 miles from there.

Are we getting a storefront showroom like Houston?

TM's website shows Houston as the only Texas showroom:

Count me in if we have a Dallas gathering. I'm near SMU. Delivery shows as Feb/March but I'm expecting late March/early April because I'm getting Red and it doesn't start production until March.

How about planning a gathering at the service center when it opens? Maybe they'll host a kickoff or something. Good location for it. Looks like it used to be 'Starwood Motors' (google maps)

I've heard that they're considering a showroom at Northpark mall, but they are waiting until they get the dealership concerns with Texas straightened out.

Dallas Service Center - I drove by this morning and confirmed the 13725 Welch Road address. There are Tesla posters on the walls, they were starting to set up in the service bays so its real. Every step closer is exciting. Can't wait for them to have an opening and really can't wait to get my car!

With the talk of superchargers along the Interstates in Texas, one considers taking the Model S on extended road trips. My question is, after I get to the DFW area, what should I expect in the way of chargers that can provide a relatively quick charge on a pay as you go basis? My car will have twin chargers as well as the supercharging capability. Thanks.


Countdown to Feb. 14, 2012
(Feb 14, more or less)

I expect the service center will have a HPWC you can use. Otherwise, there are a number of public chargers around, but I think they are mostly 30A :(

Just sent in my configuration papers the other day. #11,484.
Say they should deliver end of Feb. first of March.

White, piano, black leather, pano, 19", big battery. Punted on the performance. He told me I would not need the super charger, but I got it anyway just for the one hurry up charge I may do in one year.

Oh I forgot to add, the young man helping me said "We are not allowed to show you how it works when it gets there due to Texas Auto laws." I found this to be silly since some of you have told about how the Tesla guy spent hours with you. Either he does not know what he is talking about or I am missing something. He added a third party would show me how the whole thing works. maybe that's who has been helping you guys.

Bennett R - Check out both roofs. I was concerned about the pano and heat as I live in San Antonio. When I did the Austin test drive I was happy to see it was a non-issue - it was August, the day was 103 degrees at 2:30 when I did my drive. Automobiles have been pushing the glass industry for decades and we are seeing the benefits in the pano roof. I ordered mine with pano, expect it in a couple weeks.

Shannon - I believe the first deliveries sort of skirted this ridiculous law. Obviously there has been some snarking as Tesla is now doing the deliveries differently. I believe they are going to provide videos for those who can't get a DS for whatever reason. Also, we seem to be a helpful community, so I imaging someone in Dallas with an S would love to be your surrogate DS. Good luck!

@markapeterman Thanks for the info. It would be nice if a supercharger could be made available at a service center so they could quickly top up service customers and "visitors."

New Dallas service center (if this link works):

saw a black one today in front of Sevys on Preston Road. If you are following this blog I would love to see it up close. Anyone else too. I've got TWO months to wait.

I was just wondering if anyone in the area has a Model S I can bring my wife to see. I have configured a Model S Performance (Green on Tan), that I need to finalize by January 8th.

My wife has never seen the car, but I need her to be ok with it. For now I would have to leave the Model S with her a few times a year when I take cross country trips, and I want to make sure she knows what I would be leaving her to drive. We were supposed to head down to the Houston area today, and were going to visit the Tesla store at the Galleria on Saturday; however, last night my son was diagnosed with the flu (which I believe I also have), so that trip has been cancelled. Thus, it doesn't look like we can make it to Houston to see the car.

So if there is anyone that could show us a Model S (in 5-7 days when we should be better), I would greatly appreciate it.

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