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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

It looks like the Crackle Barrel's have some level 3 chargers in your area. That looks like the fastest.

I have also found that most of the Kroger stores and a few Original Pancake House restaurants (interestingly enough) have charging stations at them in the Dallas area. As for the service center, I did not see any place to charge outside the shop but I am sure they would be happy to let you charge in a bay. Jack Baston is the service manager and he is great guy and very good at his job so I would encourage you to reach out to him as well.

Best of luck and do not hesitate to post if we can help. I am very curious to hear how it goes so please do post something when you get a chance following the trip.

Anyone purchasing a service plan yet? I assume I'll be buying a 4 year + ranger and the $900 tire/wheel option. But curious if anyone else is biting on the 8 year.

I did the 8 without ranger as I'm 3mi from the service center and have a 3rd car. I love the $900 wheel and tire that's more than half the price of my BMW one. Now we'll see if they cover as well. Dallas streets and the "21s are not a great combination but I had to have that look its just too hot.

Thanks, terk. Had an easy charging session at St. Mark's on Preston. I was able to leave the car there overnight and the guard station was right beside the Blink charger. Nice.

We drove to Caddo Lake north of Shreveport easily with power to spare, but I am interested in any information people have for decent charging along the I20 corridor. There seems to be charging stations at Nissan dealers in Tyler and Longview, but I think they would take hours. Is there any info out there about future Tesla charging stations?

No info yet I fear I20 will be the last corridor. I'd love to see canton or such. I make an occasional Shreveport run and a nice I20 midpoint would work wonders.

Anyone else ahve trouble contacting Jack Baston by email? never seems to reach him.

I've never tried to email him directly. When I email ownership I get a very quick response and sometimes a phone call as well.

Drove to Greystone Castle Hunting Lodge in Mingus, TX along I-20(about 100mi west of Dallas). There was an RV park(Cactus Rose) charged me $15 for the day of charging. 240V40A 14-50 nema plug with multi plug types if needed. Only needed it for about 5 though. Got to trade a friend's Cayman S on the way back from picking it up and have to say I made the right choice. Nothing against the Cayman S, it is a nice car, but rough, noisy and toy-like.

Found out the answer - misspelled his last name - it's Batson not Baston. works.


+1 on the need for some charger access between Shreveport & Dallas. I live in Shreveport, and make the drive to Dallas often (although not in my 60 MS yet). I'm assuming that @Shelmire has an 85?

I just drove from dallas to San Antonio and back - cut it down to the last 15 miles of range, but made it each way with no charge stops. Looking forward to the supercharger so that I can confidently push the cruise control higher than 60.

Wow, gratz Whalensouth!

@Whalensouth that's awesome! I've ordered the 10-30 and 15-30 to try and use my brothers dryer plug in Georgetown so I can go down for MotoGP or F1 but a supercharger in Temple as is rumored would make it easy. Must have hurt to be passed by everyone on I-35 when you know you could blow their doors off...

Yes, getting passed was not the best part, but it felt great the last hour of the drive when I knew I had enough range and could open it up a bit. That acceleration from 60 - 80 in an instant has never felt so gratifying!

Going to Austin tomorrow for the HB 3351 hearing. Is there a Dallas club that gets together? The Austin service center says Austin has one. I was #6,360 on Model S (I love it!) and I'm # 448 on Model X. Adding my info to the map.

I heard Supercharger were coming to Texas within two months. If any of you has the plate "TESLA EV" in the Dallas area, that was my son in the brown Lexus that gave you a thumbs up -- he goes to SMU.

Who have people used to install their 240V NEMA 15-50 outlets? I need about a two foot drop from my power panel to the outlet. Any idea what that should cost? Thanks!

That is what I had installed - roughly 200 bucks for 2 ft under fusebox with nema 14-50 outlet. Chris henry was my electrician.

@Whalensouth - Contact information for Chris Henry, please. Thanks!

@thedodds1987: I used Texas Best Electric, and they were great. High quality work, and they love to scoff at how expensive the other guys are.

@ Brad Holt - Thanks, I may give them a try. I could not find a current number for Chris Henry.

Chris henry
My electrician
469 867 6147

@Whalensouth - Thanks for the information.

I used Bob Woodard,
He did a very nice job.

Got word today my Red is built, transit to Texas next week. Picking up at Delivery Center, probably on Monday 4/22 since I'm out of town Saturday. Might try for Sunday delivery noted in one of the posts here if they have it detailed and ready.

I think I might be the first Red in Texas since they just started building them! 60kwh, no pano, 21", most other options.

@Brad Holt - Stan Carr at Texas Best Electric just finished the job. Nice job and right at $200 for an outlet two feet from the power panel. Makes waiting that much harder, but we are down to 2-3 weeks!

Re: Electric - Tesla recommended Solar City who do not do work in Texas. They recommended Mr. Electric who wanted to rewire my whole panel for $8,000. I do not recommend anyone call them.

You actually got a call from Mr. Electric. I think you're the first.

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