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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Mr. Electric actually did my install. They were higher than others I called; however, the bids were a little different. Mr. Electric pulled the city permit and ran conduit. Others told me I could paint the wire and made no mention of city permits. In the end, I would just go with who you are comfortable with. I was more comfortable paying Mr. Electric more than the seeing what the others would do.

After multiple phone calls and emails, Mr. Electric finally sent someone to my house to do an estimate. He didn't know what a NEMA 14-50 plug was. He looked around my garage and left saying they'd get back with me with an estimate. I never heard from them.
I actually did it myself out of frustration.

Taking Delivery Sunday, first Red in Texas. Its at the Dallas Service Center now finishing detail. Can't wait :) :)

Yea dbtex. Congrats-- Our Red peformance is on the way for delivery next week. Can't wait.

Mr. Electric estimated $650 for 14-50 plug , and recommended replacing box for $3,000!

If your box is a Federal box, then that was the correct recommendation. The Federal box (also sold under a few other names) has a habit of not tripping the breakers and causing a fire because of a design defect.

This may be useful for the next week - Angie's list deal on a new replacement electrical box...

Pictures from Earth day at Fair Park including my Model S.

Just a FYI for anyone coming to Austin. Both the Tesla Service Center and the Tesla Gallery have HPWCs available for free charging. The Gallery is in The Domain and the HPWC is in the parking structure across the street (free parking, open 24hrs). The Service Center HPWC is probably only available during business hours.

Just saw my Delivery button , date range May 27-June 10, to Dallas service center , no vin number

Did you try the Tesla App to see if the VIN showed up there?

YES, "no vehicle linked to this Tesla Account"

Reservation number 10XXX. Just clicked on the delivery button, estimated May 12 - 26.

40, Std suspension, pano, tech.

Congrats Marek!
Curious how the "40" turns out for you.

Thanks Mark, really looking forward to it. Will be happy to have the extra power of the 60!

Does anyone have the contact information for Texas Best Electrical? I'm looking to get my plug installed, but can't find their number anywhere. Thanks

Still no vin ,"no vehicle linked to this Tesla Account"
Mine is a 40,white,pano,tech,sound,tan leather,shelf.

Just received my email for DL and Insurance card information.
Final MVPA to follow.
Pickup date June 3, 2013 Dallas Service Center.

Took my model S to the new Perot Children's museum - they have free dedicated EV parking with FREE J1772 charging (30amp/200V ~18mph). The only problem is the spaces are small (like they expected a bunch of leafs to park there).

Joined the Owners Ranks on Saturday! The payment process with the California office was deceptively easy and the delivery experience at the Dallas Service center was awesome (N.B. the service center is on Welch, not where Google maps points to on Alpha). Minor issue with one door handle was logged with a solution before I got there. It will be fixed by Wednesday.

Plan plenty of time so that you won't feel rushed because there's a lot to walk through (give yourself 2 hours. If you don't use it all, go driving, you've got a full charge).

First 2 upgrades: tint; and a NEMA 14-50 (I thought I'd rely on my standard wall outlet but would prefer not having to worry about getting a full charge by morning if I happen to drive much more than my average).

I'd imagine that a delivery outside of the service center is not as awesome an experience. You still get a great car, but having the specialist walk through it with you and really help you understand its characteristics, short cuts, etc. is invaluable.


Where are you planning to get TINT? I have a delivery date of June 3.
Thank you for your feedback on delivery process at Dallas Service Center.

I have my VIN but still "no vehicle linked to this Tesla Account" on app.

I picked up my Model S at the DSC on Saturday also. Glover and Jack were great. My wife and I learned alot. My credit union did not get our check to California in time but we had a paper copy and that good enough to get the car! Nissan (at Welch/LBJ) did the Texas inspection (since they know about electric cars), tolltag in Plano, and back home to Frisco.

Sunday morning I found a Red Tesla in my garage. What a great feeling that was!

@Hfmalom Sweet! I will be going to Nissan tomorrow.

@ramtaz Speedshield in Addison. They have tinted several Teslas and have a local exclusive on the Prestige Photosync tint. BTW: I had the same issue with my Tesla app. Even when the vehicle was finally assigned to it about a week before delivery, the remote data was turned off. Couldn't see it in transit.



Final MVPA signed, balance paid, now waiting for credit union to send check. My Model S tentative completion date is 5/22 with delivery set for 5/31. I'm hoping it'll arrive sooner than 5/31!

Could anyone tell me how many days it took for your car to reach the Dallas Service Center after production completes?

It took 2 weeks for me, but they are much more efficient now than they were then, so you may get lucky.

Thanks Mark! Yeah I'm hoping it doesn't take that long anymore.

Can any recent deliveries share their production to Dallas transit time?

On the truck last Tuesday, was to arrive on Friday. I picked it up Monday.

Thank you Tesla@lineberry, I will give SpeedShield a call.!

@golf4365, thanks, looks like about 3 days unless its a weekend - much more efficient :)

TESLA APP found VIN10913 today, but mobile app remote access is off.
"turn remote access on from vehicle touchscreen" I do not have vehicle.

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